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This confined space gas detector, the Biosystems MultiPro, provides real-time readings of up to four gases simultaneously and offers one-button operation and calibration.

Calibration: Who Needs It?

It's time we laid down the law on what, where, and how often to calibrate portable gas detectors.

Expanding the radius of lift truck safety

Expanding the Radius of Lift Truck Safety

Ongoing reminders and a dedicated effort to keep important safety information in front of operators and pedestrians help to make safety top-of-mind for employees.

It is estimated more than 3 billion syringes generated outside of health care are discarded in regular trash annually.

Assessing the Hidden Problem of Medical Waste Disposal

Throwing sharps containers, red bags, and spill cleanup materials into the trash sends up a red flag to commercial or municipal trash collectors because they are not allowed to take this waste.

First aiders should wear disposable gloves when dealing with blood or any other body fluid, according to the "Blood-borne viruses in the workplace" leaflet.

UK Employers Adjusting to New First Aid Guidance

The Health and Safety Executive revised its training regime on Oct. 1, 2009, to give employers more flexibility in how they train workers to provide first aid during emergencies. It says someone should be appointed to look after first aid supplies, including medical gloves.

A combination of education, policy, enforcement, and technology will solve the distracted driving problem, GHSA Chairman Vernon F. Betkey, Jr. says.

Near-Term Solutions for Distracted Driving

Vernon F. Betkey, Jr., chairman of the Governors Highway Safety Association, predicts a combination of education, policy, enforcement, and technology will solve the problem, starting this year.

Workers engaged in heavy construction are frequently exposed to hand and arm vibration.

Six Degrees of Hand Vibration

Exposure to hand and arm vibration in the workplace can range from severe and debilitating to nuisance level. Fortunately, there are simple solutions to this under-reported, under-regulated problem.

We know that 10 percent of construction workers do not return to work after injury, and workers with a lung disease, MSD, or injury are more likely to retire on disability than workers with the same conditions in less physically demanding work.

The Aging Worker in the U.S. Construction Industry

Reducing the physical demands on all workers in construction is essential.

Dan Jaquez is occupational safety and health manager for public works in Ventura County, California.

We Have a Winner!

Dan Jaquez, occupational safety & health manager for public works in Ventura County, Calif., for the NAVFAC SW Naval Facilities Engineering Command, won a new ExoFit NEX fall harness in the Capital Safety/OH&S essay contest.

Food Safety

Stopping Food Safety Issues Cold at the Loading Dock

The loading dock is usually regarded as the primitive "backroom" of food-handling operations, but it's a crucial part of the supply chain and the food protection chain.

Image of a woman wearing ear muffs.

The Silent Hazard

In order to successfully eliminate hearing loss, more needs to be known about its true prevalence in the workforce. NIOSH is spearheading the effort.

The proposed Michigan ergonomics standard defines "rrgonomic hazards" as conditions where intervention may be necessary to prevent a musculoskeletal disorder.

Michigan's Ergonomics War Set to Resume

With the regulatory impact statement and economic analysis all but done, Michigan OSHA's controversial proposed ergonomics standard could reach the public hearings stage in about 90 days.

The ExoFit NEX, which debuted in late 2009, is an upgrade of the original introduced 10 years before.

Win a Free ExoFit NEX™ Harness!

Just write a short essay (100 words max.) explaining your biggest fall protection challenge and submit it online by Jan. 29 for a chance to win a brand-new ExoFit NEX™ from Capital Safety. No more than one entry per person will be accepted. We'll announce the winner here by Feb. 12. Click here for a link to the entry form in a Q&A with Capital Safety-North American Product Manager Nate Bohmbach.

This DoD photo taken by USMC Cpl. Jason Ingersoll shows the damaged Pentagon minutes after a hijacked airliner struck the building on Sept. 11, 2001.

2000-2009: The Decade in Safety & Health

The H1N1 pandemic was 2009's biggest safety and health story, but OSHA also grabbed the spotlight last year with a blockbuster $87 million fine. For all of the attention paid to tower crane safety, combustible dusts, crumbling infrastructure, and a jobless recovery, the biggest story of 2000-2009 was Sept. 11, 2001.

The morning routine for Baker Concrete Construction Inc. coworkers involves stretch and flex and Mission Task Analysis.

Baker's Recipe for Better Safety

Trust and involvement are vital components of the Incident and Injury Free safety program that has improved results for Baker Concrete Construction Inc.

The ExoFit NEX, which debuted in late 2009, is an upgrade of the original introduced 10 years before.

Priming the New Product Pump

"We constantly refresh our pool of ideas. Our end users are very vocal about what works and doesn't work."

Achieving conformance with GHS in the United States is expected to be quite cumbersome.

OSHA, GHS, and Your MSDSs and Labels

The clock is ticking. Companies will have three years from promulgation to come into compliance with the final rule and two years to implement training requirements.

Emergency responders need fast, accurate analytical results during a hurricane or other major event.

A Tool for Real-Time Analysis

By obtaining rapid information in a visual display, the decision maker can make informed decisions based on accurate, fast analytical results.

An image of an occupant use fire hose and a fire extinguisher.

Fire Safety & Emergency Response

Occupant Use Fire Hoses Should They Stay or Go

As with any maintenance requirement, the intent of small hose inspection and testing is to ensure that they will reliably operate properly when called upon, which is even more critical for emergency response equipment.

ReviveR VIEW

Defibrillators & CPR

Shocking Video -- Caught on AED

"We said, if people are going to really survive cardiac arrest, we should design a unit that's built for 10 year olds, or for anybody walking down the street, because time is of the essence and speed to shock is all that matters."

Personalized signs are a way to make a fundamental shift in the safety culture of a facility, Mitch Fein says.

The Personal Touch

"Companies are populating signs, posters, banners, and scoreboards with the children, and the wives, and the husbands within the facility, with a common theme about safety being a family value."