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One of the major avenues for the entry of contaminants into a facility is through the gaps between the dock leveler and the dock walls.

The Bug Stops Here

Plugging the points of entry against infiltrating contaminants helps food facilities ensure a safer product.

The system will go through all relevant configurations; therefore, all relevant scenarios will be explored.

Detecting and Containing Arc Flash Incidents

Power analytics software calculates potential arc flash threats in real time, recommending appropriate safety procedures and PPE needed to work in the vicinity.

Every program needs five main elements it is not only OSHA compliant, but remains effective and efficient.

How to Make Your LOTO Program Pay You Back

Many businesses think they are compliant, when in fact they are not. The number one most commonly cited part of the lockout/tagout regulation is lack of machine-specific procedures.

RouteTracker is an EOBR from XATA Turnpike that connects directly to the engine computer of a vehicle. It combines engine diagnostic repoting with GPS data.

It's Time to Get Serious About CSA 2010

More than anything else, shippers want visibility of a carrier's data. Many are mandating electronic onboard recorders.

U.S. Rep. Denny Rehberg, R-Mont.

OSHA's Rules, Budget Will Be Target

While the Nov. 2 elections left the U.S. House oversight and appropriations panels basically intact, Republicans in line to chair them, including Montana's Denny Rehberg, are likely to fight any new regulation.

The OSHA review of state plans could result in a dialogue about the meaning of "at least as effective."

What Does 'At Least As Effective' Mean?

John Duncan, director of the California Department of Industrial Relations, says a meeting with OSHA's regional administrator could start a national dialogue to clarify what "at least as effective" means.

With the new transfer method, it was now possible to meet the North Carolina closed-used safety codes for dispensing liquids from five-gallon containers on the fourth floor.

Solving 'Open Use' Storage of Solvents

Dispensing solvents from large containers into smaller ones or spending more to buy solvents in smaller containers weren't appealing. This pharmaceutical company found a different solution for meeting the fire codes.

Employees have both a need and a right to know the identities and hazards of the chemicals to which they are exposed at work.

Think You Know HazCom?

Safety professionals have long had concerns with MSDSs, beginning with issues about the ability of workers to understand them.

If multiple languages are spoken and especially if otehr languages are not well understood in a workplace, one must consider multilingual signage.

Arc Flash Label Best Practices

When deciding what information to include on your company labels, always remember for whom the labels are posted: the electrician or maintenance person in the field.

My years of field experience, my years of standards application and interpretation, my hundreds upon hundreds of investigations -- surely these were the passport to a lucrative consulting career.

So You Want to Be a Consultant

The truth of the matter is, many companies hire consultants and end up wasting both their and the consultant's time. This is costly time.

One of the most important prevention tactics your staff can use in the fight against MRSA is frequent and effective hand washing.

MRSA In the Office

By focusing proper cleaning on surfaces in the office that get more hand attention, health-based cleaning services target potentially contaminated surfaces that can harbor MRSA and other harmful pathogens.

This photo shows relatives grieving for Ma Xianqian, a Foxconn employee who committed suicide.

Global Electronics Factories In Spotlight

Recently, a model of genuine worker participation has surprisingly emerged in China.

Construction of venues for the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games is well under way in London.

London Looks Ahead

With construction of venues for the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games well under way, a study commissioned by HSE analyzed the risks and hazards at major sports events around the world. The 2010 FIFA World Cup was insured for a total of about $9.4 billion, according to Lloyd's.

The question is whether welders in the field should have control over the power coming out of the welding machine.

Advancing Stick Welding Safety

Why are stick welding machine conductors allowed to lie around with power on them all the time? The only answer that seems to ring true is that it has always been that way.

In the workplace, poor decisions about hand hygiene often lead to dermatitis, and too often employees and supervisors jump to the wrong conclusion that the hand cleanser being used is the one and only source of the health concern.

The Dermatitis Detective: Tracking the causes of dermatitis in your workplace

Where do you start your investigation of the causes of occupational dermatitis in your shop? Too often, employees and supervisors jump to the wrong conclusion that the hand cleanser being used is the sole source of the health concern.

The PA-44, which seems to have a quieter cabin for a person sitting in it on the ground, was probably in the same decibel range in flight as the Cessna 172 because of its ability to fly at higher speeds.

Interior Sound Levels in General Aviation Aircraft

Pilots are subjected to hazardous sound levels. A headset is adequate hearing protection for a projected eight-hour period, given the sound levels found in this study.

Welding technician Tim Moore prepares a GMAW torch on a mechanized fixture.

A Switch in Time

Edison Welding Institute realized efficiency and safety gains from installing combination plug/receptacle and disconnect switches at more than 100 of its workstations.

A company needs to accurately identify the quantity of product affected and all suspect ingredients, packaging materials, and associated products.

Recalls: Are You Prepared for the Worst?

Establishments should test their ability to make and execute a plan by carrying out periodic recall simulations. This allows personnel to become familiar with recall procedures.

Jeff Wagner, elected to the APA Board of Trustees in 2006, brought to the governing body a passion for mill safety.

Elevating Safety Awareness

APA-The Engineered Wood Association has successfully revamped its safety program to generate enthusiasm and improve performance. Here's how it was done.

With simple installation and a rugged design, safety light screens require lower installation and maintenance costs than alternative safeguarding solutions: Banner Engineering photo

Guidelines for Specifying a Safety Light Screen

These allow quick and frequent access, provide protection for multiple operators, and allow better visibility of the hazard.