OSHA Cites Auto Parts Manufacturer for 22 Serious Violations

OSHA Cites Auto Parts Manufacturer for 22 Serious Violations

Aludyne Columbus now faces $182,344 in proposed penalties.

Following an OSHA investigation at its Columbus, Georgia facility, Aludyne Columbus LLC—a prominent global manufacturer in the auto parts industry—faces proposed penalties amounting to $182,344 after investigators uncovered 22 serious violations.

According to a release dated Feb. 22, the investigation was triggered by a complaint, and just days later, a 41-year-old maintenance technician suffered severe injuries while attempting to replace a fuse due to an electrical transformer explosion. This incident led to a second, more in-depth OSHA investigation by OSHA.

OSHA's findings included the company's failure to provide protective gear and enforce safety protocols. Employees were found working dangerously close to energized power lines without insulated tools and were exposed to airborne silica at levels up to 15 times higher than the permissible limit. Moreover, workers lacked proper respiratory equipment, and the company failed to conduct fit testing for those exposed to silicosis hazards.

“Aludyne Columbus LLC’s failure to prioritize employee safety and health nearly cost a worker their life and allowed employees to be overexposed to silica well above the permissible exposure limit,” OSHA Atlanta-West Area Office Director Jeffery Stawowy said in a statement. “This employer must take worker safety seriously by assessing hazards and taking responsibility for protecting their workers.”

Aludyne, which has over 30 facilities worldwide, has contested OSHA's findings and penalties before the independent Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission.

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