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Electrical Safety: Crane Truck Contact

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8/6: Reliable use of self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) in acidic oil fields with extremely high H2S concentrations

You will learn about recent advancements in breathing apparatus that provide the ability to protect against extraordinarily high H2S concentrations, going beyond the requirements of organizations like NIOSH, OSHA and CEN (Europe).

8/13: Marijuana Legalization: Does it REALLY Pay Big? What You Need to Know

This webinar will help you understand the core issues that will impact your area of expertise and enable you to respond as an informed decision-maker in whatever way marijuana legalization applies to you.

8/21: Achieving Electrical Safety Compliance in the Workplace

This webinar is geared towards all businesses regardless of industry and will focus on best practices that companies should adopt to keep employees safe while maintaining full electrical safety compliance.

9/4: Fall Prevention vs Fall Protection: Is It Better to Build a Fence at the Top of a Cliff, or to Park an Ambulance at the Bottom?

In this presentation, Dave Francis, National Safety Director of Little Giant Ladder Systems, will use case studies, real-life examples and the latest practical training techniques and equipment solutions to help you prevent injuries and save lives in your area of responsibility.

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Pocket Blade Dispenser by Pacific Handy Cutter

Pocket Blade Dispenser from Pacific Handy Cutter Pacific Handy Cutter has been committed to worker safety for over 60 years. Safety increase productivity with our new Pocket Blade Dispenser, for use with all PHS Safety Cutters. The Pocket Blade Dispenser reduces worker injury by safety dispensing one blade at a time. Conveniently attaches to PHS Safety Cutter holsters. Also safe to carry in your smock or pocket. Features safe storage of used blades, eliminating loose blades in the work place.

Pacific Handy Cutter

Track Your GHS Compliance

ghs Do you know your GHS audit score? If not, SiteHawk can help. Our safety data sheet management system helps you identify hazard communication gaps and close them.
SiteHawk assists in your:

  • OSHA HazCom compliance
  • GHS transition
  • Safety data sheet tracking
  • Workplace label printing

Baby-Soft Fabric made with DuPont™ Nomex®

springfield Springfield Synergy® fabric with SAABA maintains a pre-washed softness, wash after wash, with no loss of FR protection. SAABA, a premium Springfield finish, increases the comfort of traditional Nomex® by making it softer.

Synergy® protects workers in the petroleum, petrochemical, fire, gas utility and racing markets from flash fire. It meets and exceeds NFPA 2112.


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