OSHA Finds Florida Labor Contractor Could Have Prevented Fatal Heatstroke Incident

OSHA Finds Florida Labor Contractor Could Have Prevented Fatal Heatstroke Incident

McNeill Labor Management Inc. became subject of an investigation following the death of a 26-year-old worker.

Following an incident in Belle Glade, Florida, resulting in the death of a 26-year-old worker due to heatstroke, an OSHA investigation found that labor contractor McNeill Labor Management Inc. failed to implement adequate heat illness prevention measures.

According to a recent release, the victim—who was employed under the federal H-2A program for temporary nonimmigrant workers—collapsed while working in extreme heat in an open field. Despite exhibiting symptoms of heat-related illness and expressing discomfort, the worker did not receive appropriate assistance before collapsing.

OSHA's investigation revealed McNeill Labor Management could have prevented the tragedy by implementing heat-related safety protocols to protect workers, such as acclimation plans and mandatory rest breaks. In response, OSHA cited McNeill Labor with $27,655 in penalties and one serious violation for exposing workers to high ambient heat hazards and failing to report the worker's hospitalization and subsequent death.

Based in Belle Glade, McNeill Labor Management Inc. has opted to contest OSHA’s findings before an independent commission. For more information about OSHA’s Heat Illness Prevention Campaign, visit the initiative's website at www.osha.gov/heat.

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