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  • Grainger Everyday Heroes: Water Taxi Crew

    If you ask most Chicagoans about their morning commute, restful and peaceful would not be words they would use to describe it. Unless their commute includes the 12-minute water taxi ride from Michigan Avenue to Union Station. Chicago Water Taxi is rooted in the history of Wendella, a tour boat service that was founded in 1935 to provide architectural and area history tours of Chicago. In 1962, Wendella added a commuter service, known today as Chicago Water Taxi, which provides public transportation up and down the Chicago River. Some of the fleet's four boats make as many as 90 stops per day. In this video from Grainger's Everyday Heroes series, Andrew Sargis, chief of Operations for Chicago Water Taxi, says that for the commuters who use this service, it's like adding a mini vacation to the beginning and end of their day.

  • Save a Few Lives. Take the Good Road.

    Thousands of lives might be saved every year as a result of a simple, low-cost innovation for motorcycle riders developed by BP's Castrol India team. It's a helmet innovation -- so if the rider doesn't wear the helmet, the motorcycle won't start.

  • Boating Safety PSA

    This boating safety public service announcement detailing various important topics to keep everyone safe on the water was created by U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliarist David Glaser.

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