Electrical Incident Investigation

The NFPA 70E requires that electrical incidents be investigated but the standard has not developed guidelines that direct electrical incident investigations. There are, however, several papers published on the topic and this webinar uses these resources to establish guidelines that could be used until the NFPA 70E standard provides more direction.

During this webinar, we focus on a type of investigator bias that creates “tunnel vision,” that could limit exploring all root causes of an electrical incident. Due to that tunnel vision, the investigation may pursue the “people element” (safety/operations investigators) or the “equipment element” (engineering/maintenance investigators) instead of maintaining a broad (and all-encompassing) field of view. This webinar explains the importance of assembling a multidisciplinary investigation team and establishing systems to understand what requires investigations. Finally, we offer suggestions on practical ways to navigate the limitations of time, people resources, and the cost to investigate. The intent is to build a series of future webinars on this topic that develop guidelines on electrical forensics, recommendations and corrective actions, training, and auditing.


Zarheer Jooma, P.E., IEEE (SM’17)
Zarheer Jooma is a professional engineer and partner at e-Hazard. He holds a master’s degree (cum-laude) in electrical engineering, is a senior member of the IEEE, has convened and chaired arc flash safety standards, and is a member of both ASTM F18 and IEC TC-78. Zarheer performs electrical network design, arc flash studies, electrical safety training, incident investigations, and auditing. He has published several peer-reviewed papers on Electrical Safety, spoke at numerous conferences both locally and internationally, contributed to wording on the NFPA70E standard, and is actively engaged as a subject matter expert on the IEEE1584 suite of standards. He is the technical paper review chair for two of the IEEE journals and chair for the IEEE Electrical Safety Workshop 2025.


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Duration: 1 Hour

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