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  • Are You Meeting OSHA’s First Aid Requirements?

    In this free webinar we'll answer: What OSHA and ANSI standards establish first aid requirements?, What type of first aid supplies and in what quantities are required?, Must you have trained employees on site, or can you rely upon outside emergency medical help?, Must you have an AED available, and if so, what are the requirements? And other top FAQs!

  • Preventing Bullying and Violence in the Workplace: 5 Strategies to Reduce Risk

    This free webcast will cover five strategies to help reduce risk, including: 1. Recognizing a hostile work environment, 2. Handling a bully at work, 3. Investigating workplace misconduct, 4. Identifying warning signs of workplace violence and 5. Terminating an employee safely

  • What Is Total Worker Health and How Can Your Site Benefit from It?

    This free webinar will empower you with a comprehensive understanding of Total Worker Health and how it can significantly benefit your organization, from enhancing worker wellbeing to improving cost effectiveness and productivity.


  • Felonies, Misdemeanors, and Hiring

    Many employers make hiring decisions regarding applicants with criminal convictions depending upon whether the offense was labeled by the state statute as a felony or misdemeanor. Some employers have policies, written and unwritten, that a person convicted of a misdemeanor is always eligible for employment while someone convicted of a felony is either automatically disqualified or requires further scrutiny before being considered. So how should an employer consider conviction records?