Industrial Vacuums


safety air guns

Safety Air Guns

The Super Blast Safety Air Guns from EXAIR are now available with three-foot and six-foot extension pipes, which provide a strong blowing force to clean large areas quickly. The extensions allow users to reach areas not easily accessible. EXAIR’s Super Blast Safety Air Guns use engineered air nozzles for high performance and are designed to maximize entrainment of room air while minimizing compressed air consumption. Super Blast Safety Air Guns range in force from 4.5 to 23 pounds. Combining that force with the added benefit of being able to reach tight machinery spaces makes the Super Blast Safety Air Gun a great tool for wide area blowoff, cooling and drying.

    Vi-Cas Manufacturing

    Vacuum Cups

    Vacuum Cups

    Vi-Cas Manufacturing offers a range of vacuum cups for ergonomic lifters of all types and sizes. Round, rectangular or oval cups are available from stock for immediate shipment for a variety of lift manufacturers including Cynergy Ergonomics, Indutrol and others. The company offers various sizes and types of cups to fit virtually any type of vacuum equipment used for lifting, manipulating or pick and place applications. Accessories such as vacuum valves, swivel joints and level compensators can increase the productivity and energy efficiency of lifting systems.

      Camfil Farr

      pneumatic vacuum accessory

      Pneumatic Vacuum Accessory

      The Clean Sweep pneumatic vacuum accessory from Camfil Air Pollution Control (APC) provides an economical clean-up solution by adding a high-vacuum wand to a low-vacuum dust collector. The Clean Sweep uses a pneumatic vacuum pump that draws the dust into the collector through a vacuum hose system. The pump is powered by the same compressed air line that cleans the dust collector filters, so no extra electricity is required. It will create a vacuum of up to 40” w.g. at 90 psig compressed air. The vacuum comes with flexible hosing, a floor sweep and crevice nozzle, and a pneumatic pump.