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GHS Wizard subscription service

GHS Wizard

Avery Industrial created the new GHS Wizard subscription service. It allows safety professionals to easily create GHS labels for more than 300,000 substances in under five minutes. This now includes pure substances, mixtures and popular branded chemicals. The chemical database powered by Chemwatch is searchable by CAS number or product identifier and auto-fills the professionally designed label template with chemical information, including: product identifier, signal word, hazard statements, precautionary statements and pictograms. Creating GHS labels for secondary containers helps workers understand the dangers associated with hazardous chemicals while staying compliant with OSHA HazCom. To learn more visit: www.avery.com/GHSWizard.

    Product Spotlight

    • SwabTek® Cannabis Test Kit

      The SwabTek® Cannabis Test Kit is a single-use spot test designed for use in screening for cannabis compounds in any sample type or on any surface. The test is capable of identifying the presumed presence of cannabinoids in very small quantities, with a level of detection as little as 6 μg in mass. Learn more about the SwabTek® Cannabis Test Kit and the rest of SwabTek surface drug testing solutions through the webinar titled "Everything You Want To Know About Surface Testing" 3

    • S27EP58

      All Mechanix Wear gloves balance form, fit, and function, and our SpeedKnit- S27EP58 gloves are no exception. These dipped-knit gloves provide ANSI A7 cut resistance and A4 abrasion resistance without sacrificing dexterity or tactility. A superior sandy nitrile coating means you never lose grip of your tools or building materials on the job site. 3


      Safety footwear attachment compliments steel cap footwear to protect the metatarsal area. Extremely durable, lightweight and non-conductive. Protects the upper foot by deflecting and dispersing the impact of falling loads. Fits all shoes and boots, secured with existing laces or optional straps. Also available in extended version, METGUARDPRO. Meets worldwide safety footwear standards. 3