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Designed to improve visibility, NightView utilizes Tensator®’s high quality webbing with the addition of reflective strands, woven directly into the fabric to ensure it is durable and hardwearing. With NightView, Tensator is addressing the concerns of health and safety professionals and night shift workers across a broad sector of industries.

Designed to be 100% compatible with all Tensabarrier® products, NightView can be used across a variety of sectors including emergency situations and services, construction and building sites, transportation hubs and locations, mines, airports and public events. Incorporating reflective strands woven directly into the webbing of the barrier, NightView is an ideal solution for highlighting potential hazardous areas to night shift staff, or for those working in environments with restricted light, such as construction professionals or miners.


    Product Spotlight

    • S27EP58

      All Mechanix Wear gloves balance form, fit, and function, and our SpeedKnit- S27EP58 gloves are no exception. These dipped-knit gloves provide ANSI A7 cut resistance and A4 abrasion resistance without sacrificing dexterity or tactility. A superior sandy nitrile coating means you never lose grip of your tools or building materials on the job site. 3

    • Bradley's Halo- Eye and Eye/Face Wash

      Halo- eye and eye/face wash arms users with the most effective emergency relief available, providing 20 percent better protection than any other eye/face wash. Using the latest technology in fluid dynamics to rinse off contaminants, Halo provides a more uniform and complete spray pattern distribution. An exclusive self-draining feature removes standing water, improving worker safety and hygiene. 3

    • Matrix's OmniPro Vision AI Collision Avoidance System

      OmniPro Vision AI is a state-of-the-art collision avoidance system that features NIOSH award-winning Visual Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. This highly accurate, powerful system identifies and alerts on pedestrians, vehicles and specified objects, ensuring safer facilities, mining operations and industrial sites. With its web-based cloud application, OmniPro Vision AI also logs and analyzes a wide range of data related to zone breach notifications. Operating without needing personal wearable devices or tags, OmniPro has visual and audible zone breach alerts for both operators and pedestrians. 3