CarbonX® with Z-Flex Aluminization

CarbonX Aluminized Solutions Can Take the Heat

CarbonX® with Z-Flex Aluminization® enhances both protection and comfort for professionals working in molten-metal and high-heat environments. Unlike other aluminized fabrics that can be rigid and heavy, CarbonX aluminized solutions are flexible and lightweight yet still deliver maximum temperature resistance and extraordinary protection against molten metal splash. In fact, they are among the lightest materials on the market able to pass the ASTM F955 pour test for molten iron and aluminum.

CarbonX aluminized products incorporate the Newtex® proprietary Z-Flex MLATM process, or multilayer aluminization, which delivers outstanding reflectivity, durability, and flex-bond. Up to 95% of radiant heat can be reflected when CarbonX with Z-Flex Aluminization is deployed properly, with no organic flame contribution. 

The high-performance base fabric provides a persistent barrier and maintains its flexibility even after it is aluminized. Constructed to be truly non-flammable, the base fabric will not burn, melt, or ignite; withstands extremely high temperatures; and remarkably sheds spatter, sparks, and other hot liquids and molten metal. Its lighter weight and flexibility also significantly reduce a wearer’s potential for fatigue and heat stress.

Applications for CarbonX aluminized solutions include: coats, jackets, hoods, full-body suits, pants, leggings, and overshoes/spats.

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