OxySure Systems

Emergency Oxygen Solution

Emergency Oxygen Solution

OxySure Systems has pioneered a unique short duration/emergency oxygen solution for workplace emergency response teams.  The OxySure Model 615 produces medically pure oxygen on demand from two dry inert powders.  There is no storage of oxygen, which eliminates the hazards associated with traditional oxygen tank systems.  It is FDA approved for OTC (over the counter) use with no prescription required, and can help “bridge the time gap” from the onset of a medical emergency until first responders arrive on the scene. Booth 521

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    Product Spotlight

    • Mobile Access Platforms

      Mobile Access Platforms

      Mobile Access Platforms allow safe access to areas difficult to reach, such as machinery, warehouse racking, vehicle maintenance, and in welding or plastering applications. Platforms can be designed to suit any use where off-the-shelf platforms are not applicable, or when ladders or towers are not appropriate. The engineered designs, using modular components, let the platforms be delivered and constructed quickly. Visit ASSP Booth #1829 or www.keesafety.com 3

    • “Beat the Heat” resource

      “Beat the Heat” resource

      Heat stress and heat stroke are no joke. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, dozens of workers die each year from heat exposure. Want to get ahead of the problem? Our safety professionals will help you develop a proper program before it gets too hot. Check out Fastenal’s “Beat the Heat” resource here: www.fastenal.com/beat-the-heat. We go over proper hydration, sun protection and heat stress signs. Please, contact us with your questions at [email protected] or 1-833-FNL-SAFE. 3

    • DX+ Technology®

      DX+ Technology®

      Experience premium coreless comfort and high cut resistance with the DX+ Technology® Series from Magid®. DX+ Technology delivers the highest coreless cut protection in a non-irritating shell that is 30% lighter than comparable materials. 3