Scrap that Cold Snap: Pick the Best Winter Glove

Brrrrrr! Can you feel that not-so-subtle chill in the air? Winter is definitely on its way.

Superior Glove cares about your hands. That's why the company wants to make sure you have all of the tips and tricks you need to make sure your palms are as warm and protected as possible from winter's wrath in the coming months – whether you work in Canada, Russia, Antarctica, or even in Narnia! That's why Superior Glove has broken down all of the different factors you should consider when trying to decide which pair of winter gloves would be best suited to your workplace.

The company's colorful, wintry infographic is broken into sections to make the choice as easy as possible for you – so that you can evaluate your workplace conditions and quickly select a pair of gloves based on what you've learned. It starts with an exploration of different sections of North America and shows you which areas are affected by each temperature zone. Next, it explains what CLO and MET values mean, as well as some of the pros and cons of different winter linings you'll find inside your gloves. It then moves on to a quick review of why multi-layered gloves are more affective for combating certain temperatures, and then it breaks down wind speed and frostbite times.

Lastly, it discusses what that newfangled word Thinsulate™ actually means, why it's so effective, and therefore, why you'll find it throughout the Winter & Cold Weather Gloves section on the company's website.

You can download the Pick the Best Winter Glove Infographic as a PDF to save or print it.

Joe Geng is vice president of Superior Glove Works.

Posted by Joe Geng on Dec 03, 2015