Keeping Cool When It's Hot

Keeping cool on the job can be tough - especially with warmer months approaching. TECGEN® FR has incorporated decades of flame-resistant (FR) clothing experience to develop these guidelines for helping keep workers safe and comfortable year round.

1. Know your limits: Everyone is different. Understand what your body is capable of and don't push yourself too hard on the job. Carnegie Mellon recommends that workers get acclimatized slowly to warmer working conditions.

2. Stay hydrated: Make sure to keep plenty of water on site to avoid dehydration. In fact, the Texas Department of Insurance recommends encouraging employees to drink one cup every 15 to 20 minutes.

3. Take breaks: Even a short 15-minute break can help rejuvenate the body and get you back on track for a productive day. According to the North Carolina Department of Labor, workers should take frequent breaks in areas cooler than the work environment.

4. Choose proper attire. The CDC recommends wearing "light-colored, loose-fitting, breathable clothing" to avoid trapping in excess heat.

5. Educate yourself and your employees: Be sure to understand the risks of overheating on the job. Heat stress can result in injury, illness, and even death. OSHA suggests providing information on "health effects of heat, the symptoms of heat illness, how and when to respond to symptoms, and how to prevent illness."

Cortlandt Minnich works in Business Development for the TECGEN® Brand. Want to learn more about keeping coll in FR apparel? Visit our website at

Posted by Cortlandt Minnich on May 11, 2015