Five Ways to Humanely Repel Birds from Your Home, Garden, or Farm

It is almost that time of year again. Snow starts melting, temperatures begin to change, and birds start flying back north. Spring brings us new scents, new taste, and new sights and creatures. Bugs start creeping out from their warm cavities and crevasses, only to be preyed on by the very creatures we consider a nuisance. I know birds can be pesky, but these beautiful creatures serve a purpose. Some people enjoy watching them take flight. If for some reason you need to repel birds, consider using non-lethal measures over deadly tactics. Continue reading and learn how to humanely repel birds from your home, garden, or farm.

Sonic and Ultrasonic Bird Control Systems Repel Birds
Before turning to poisons and other inhumane measures, purchase a sonic sound machine. These machines help repel birds while eliminating health and injury risk. They also limit the amount of cleanup and repair you will have. Some companies even offer money-back guarantees. Because of the high pitches, most humans would get annoyed if subjected to the sound for long periods of time. These machines are best used on farms, airports, parking lots, lighthouses, and boat yards.

If you are in a residential or commercial area, the sound from sonic systems can be annoying. So, for those jobs, use silent ultrasonic systems that send sounds to birds that humans cannot hear. A lot of people have problems with birds on balconies, roofs, windows, and personal gardens; these systems are easy to use and install. You can find machines that protects anywhere from 900 to 6,500 square feet.

These units can be expensive, so if you are looking for cheaper alternative for your home, bird spikes are a wonderful option.

Using Bird Spikes to Keep Birds Away
Sometimes you need a solution for your home, but sound machines are not an option because of price. If you are having a problem with birds on rooftops, ledges, and other exteriors of your home, bird spikes are a great solution. They create a barrier that is easy to set up. The spikes prevent the birds from landing, so they fly off to the next home or commercial property. You also can install these spikes to beams, HVAC systems, doors, and entryways. Best of all, they are 100 percent affective because the birds have nowhere to land.

Visual Decoys
Bird spikes are amazing for keeping birds away from ledges and landing areas, but they are limited to structures. If your problem is a small garden or feed for animals, you have to try other tactics. You can use decoys that help scare birds away. Some decoys lie flat, and some stick up out of the ground. These visual deterrents are best used in open fields and gardens, where they can be seen by approaching birds. When using sound machines, decoys increase the success of those units.

Reflectors and Lights Will Keep Birds Away
Other alternatives to poison and pellet guns are reflector tape and strobe lights. The foil tape keeps birds away by flashing the sun and making a clicking noise in the wind. You can use it on ledges or hang it from trees and branches around and inside your garden. The strobe light is a little more costly, but it is also a bit more affective than the tape. Multi-colored lights flash and frighten the birds. It is limited in the fact that it works better in the dark or dimly lit buildings.

After reading so many stories on the web about how people are using poisons to kill birds, you realize how cruel it sounds. I know everyone isn't a bird watcher, but let's encourage people to use humane ways to repel these animals. Each of these tactics has its pros and cons, but they are better than their deadly alternative. Truth is, birds are smart and adapt, so switching it up and giving them a different look goes a long way. Rotate machines, decoys, and feeders to distract birds and keep them off guard. For those large infestations on farms and commercial buildings, use sonic machines. If you're searching for a cheaper bird-repelling alternative, use decoys, spikes, or reflectors.

Kelly Nelson is the Content Marketing Director of Bird-X, Inc., the leading brand of professional, humane, eco-friendly bird and pest control products for 50 years. The international company is based in Chicago, Ill.

Posted by Kelly Nelson on Mar 23, 2015