London Fire Brigade: Don't Cook Under the Influence This Weekend

The London Fire Brigade is asking residents of England's capital city to get a takeout meal "rather than cooking whilst drunk this Friday and Saturday night as the Fire Brigades Union is on strike." With many people expected to be out celebrating Friday and Saturday, with Christmas being just days away, the city's fire leadership asked that people, especially 18-to-35 year olds, order out instead of cooking at home if they have been out drinking.

Young, well-educated professionals cause more than 25 percent of all accidental house fires in the city. Brigade figures show that two fires per day happen after Londoners have been drinking; one out of every four people who die in a fire has alcohol in his or her system; and 75 percent of alcohol-related fires are caused by cooking under the influence.

"I imagine a lot of people will be out drinking and celebrating Christmas this Friday and Saturday night, at the same time the Fire Brigades Union are on strike. I am genuinely concerned about people coming home from pubs or Christmas parties and trying to cook. Alcohol and cooking is a recipe for disaster as it's easy to fall asleep and leave cooking on the hob," said Ron Dobson, the London Fire Brigade commissioner. "If you're out drinking on Friday or Saturday, it's much safer to grab a kebab or some chips than trying to cook under the influence."

A takeout company named JUST EAT chipped in by offering online vouchers to five lucky people who tweeted #nodrunkcooking with the takeaout meal that saved their life, with the winners announced Friday afternoon.

"We're in full support of the #nodrunkcooking campaign and would encourage everyone to stay safe on a night out over the festive period, whether they are drinking alcohol or not. If getting merry is going to be a big part of the night, ordering a takeaway beforehand will line the stomach, while ordering on the way home could save your life. There are thousands of local takeaway restaurants in London, so you're free to enjoy the night without risking anyone's safety," asid Graham Corfield, JUST EAT's managing director.

As it did during FBU's previous strikes, the brigade based 27 fire engines at strategic locations and had contingency crews ready for emergencies. It warned that personnel will not respond during the strike to less-serious incidents, such as fire alarms and trash bin fires. This strike is planned for 6-10 p.m. December 13 and Dec. 14.

Posted on Dec 13, 2013