Want to know more about Montreal? Start with Frenglish.

Many of us in the health and safety industry are packing our bags in preparation for AIHce, and hopefully we all remember our English-to-French dictionary, because we are off to Montreal, Canada.

Known for its meld of French and English culture, heritage, and even language, Montreal has embraced this quality. A must-visit blog for travelers to this historic city is the Montreal Gazette's Frenglish guide. The site provides stories, phrases, and places to visit that will interest anyone fluent in Frenglish or those new to the scene, like many of us visiting the city for AIHce from May 18 to 23.

With posts covering topics such as how to "speak Montreal" and understanding the unique blend of the English and French languages to videos about the multilingual lifestyle of some of the city's residents, this blog is an entertaining glimpse of Frenglish's lifestyle and evolution. It even includes a Wiki page compiling all the Frenglish phrases commonly used, for those of us who are clueless. (Reading the entries will enable you to answer correctly if a Montrealer casually asks, "Do you have a fire?")

One of the blog's most helpful tools is the interactive map showing which portions of the city speak either of the languages. Clicking around on the website and watching some of the videos gives you a look past basic tourism in the city to the everyday life of its residents.

So if you are preparing to visit AIHce or perhaps already have arrived, check out the blog and get ready to enjoy the city like a true Frenglish speaker.

Posted by Jessica Acklen on May 17, 2013