Caution, Warning Signs Ahead

Often, safety signs can be the difference between life and death. At their most effective, they succinctly and quickly communicate the most important safety information in the work place. The message contained therein should convey to the reader the important reason for the interruption. It should not, however, confuse or waste our time. Yet, many times this is the case.

A Word of Caution
The ominous appearance of the word "Caution" often signals an important message is about to follow. Sometimes, it seems to signify that your time is about to be wasted.

For example, what was the original intent of this sign? It seems to create the very hazard it's warning against. Or, perhaps it was meant as a general warning for all signs of this nature.

Was it the intention of this sign to have us step back from our busy lives and remember the profound simple truths in life? Such as, when it rains, water gets on things, including roads.

No, what you are seeing is not a warning sign. It's more of an observation.

Threatening Signs
At times, signs seem to ask the question, which is more important to you, your life or your wallet?

This sign seems to suggest that death is the least of your worries.

Others make the choice very simple.

At other times, it's seems a "Road Closed" sign would be more appropriate.

remote road danger sign

Question Everything
Sometimes a sign evokes ageless philosophical questions in its readers.

When is a gate not a gate?

When is a sign not a sign?

When is an entrance not an entrance?

When is a no parking zone, a parking zone?

Where do signs go when they've outlived their usefulness? We leave them on a deserted country road, apparently.

sign not in use

The Joke's on Us

Sometimes, signs deliver their own punch line.

Not that right, your other right.

Unlike traditional one way streets, this one features an additional direction.

Should we be on the lookout for giant killer ants with sticks or should road construction workers be insulted by the implication that they're nothing but a bunch of worker ants?

Beyond Comprehension

Some signs seem to question all logic.

While others seem an appropriate place to stop.

no turn sign

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Posted by Marc Barrera on Sep 09, 2009