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‘Major Milestone’ Reached as OSHA Certifies Maine’s Completion of Aspects for State OSHA Plan

The state plan covers nearly 80,000 state and local government workers in Maine.

Yesterday was an important day for Maine’s State OSHA Plan.

According to a news release, OSHA certified that the state completed “all structural and developmental aspects of Maine’s State Plan.”

Under the state plan, which was approved as a developmental plan in 2015, almost 80,000 state and local government workers (including those who work for the county and “quasi-municipal agencies”) are covered. Volunteers under these sections are also covered. Federal government workers are not covered.

“Certifying Maine’s State Plan marks a major milestone for the state’s public employees, and for the development of the state’s occupational safety and health program,” said Assistant Secretary for Occupational Safety and Health Doug Parker in the news release. “The State of Maine’s commitment to providing state government workers the same workplace safety protections as those given to private sector workers is commendable.”

The effective date of the certification was March 21, 2023.

About the Author

Alex Saurman is the Content Editor for Occupational Health & Safety.

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