Avery Industrial and Partners Introduce COVID-19 Safety & Screening Solutions

Industrial workplaces already have many components that need to be in check to keep workers safe. Luckily, Avery Products Corporation, ID&C and PC/Nametag launched a handful of new products to help industrial employees work safely.

Avery Products Corporation, along with partners ID&C and PC/Nametag, announced a comprehensive list of products and tips for helping workers in industrial workplaces return to work safely in its press release from June 17. The products include face masks, screening solutions and floor designs to help industrial workplaces implement safe practices for social distancing and COVID-19 precautions, as recommended by the CDC.

The category of products includes a number of solutions that you can apply to your workplace, including:

Avery Industrial also has a helpful article with tips on how to implement CDC and OHSA recommendations in your facility. It walks through four ways to reduce the spread of germs in your manufacturing facility like:

  • Know the exposure risk for manufacturing workers
  • Create a COVID-19 assessment and control plan
  • Use administrative controls to reduce germ spread
  • Screen and monitor worker for COVID-19

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