OH&S SafetyPod: AIHce 2020 Goes Virtual! FAQs with AIHA CEO Larry Sloan

Episode 13

OH&S SafetyPod: AIHce 2020 Goes Virtual! FAQs with AIHA CEO Larry Sloan

Your pressing questions about AIHce 2020: Virtual asked in this special episode with American Industrial Hygiene Association CEO Larry Sloan.

We are changing things up a little for this episode of the podcast! The original plan was to bring you sound bites from the expo floor at the American Industrial Hygiene Conference and Expo 2020 (AIHce) in Atlanta, Ga. this year, but due to the health risks of large gatherings and traveling, the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) made the very difficult decision to create an all virtual conference for attendees.

While OH&S is very supportive of this decision, we knew that a lot of our subscribers would have questions relating to AIHce 2020 going virtual, so we reached out to AIHA to see if they’d be interested in walking through the most frequently asked questions on the podcast. Luckily for us, they said yes!

I had a wonderful conversation with AIHA CEO Larry Sloan about the shift from an in-person conference and expo to a fully virtual show. It was great to have Larry pull back the curtain and show us what it really means to make those kinds of decisions and give us the details on how attendees will be able to attend the AIHce 2020: Virtual conference from the safety of their homes this year.

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