Construction Worker Killed by Elevator After He Dropped his Phone

Last week, a worker was killed by an elevator after reportedly dropping his phone. An investigation is ongoing.

At a construction site in Midtown Manhattan, NY, a worker was died at the scene on Oct. 25. He apparently dropped his phone while riding the elevator and was crushed by a metal saddle that protruded from the elevator shaft, according to police and an ABC7NY article.

The worker was 24-years-old, and his identity has not been released. The elevator was supposedly approaching the 33rd floor when he dropped his phone and reached to pick it up. Officials think he fell, tripped, or got caught on something and was fatally injured by elevator equipment.

The death appears to be accidental, although an investigation is ongoing. The DOB released the following statement the day after the accident:

“This was an entirely preventable tragedy. Construction is a dangerous business, which is why the Department enforces some of the most stringent worker safety regulations in the country, and why all people on a construction site should be alert and fully aware of any potential hazards. DOB investigators from our Construction Safety and Elevator Enforcement units are conducting a thorough investigation of yesterday's incident.”


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