Report Identifies Australia's Most Dangerous Highways

The Australian Automobile Association's report identifies the 10 worst sections of highway comprising the National Land Transport Network.

The Australian Automobile Association has released a report identifying the 10 worst sections of highways that are part of the National Land Transport Network and also joined with Australia's motoring clubs in calling for all governments to use the research to target investments in road safety infrastructure. "After 40 years of continual improvement," accidents on Australia's national road are increasing dramatically, with 1,273 Australians killed on them the year that ended in September 2016, and more than 2,500 Australians are seriously injured on the roads every month, the group says.

"Governments are rightly focused on how to address the worsening road toll, and this report highlights the areas of highway most in need of further investment in order to save lives," said AAA Chief Executive Michael Bradley. "Australia's motoring clubs are calling on all governments to make targeted, effective investments in road safety, and we urge them to use our statistically based analysis to help make those investments."

AAA's Australian Road Assessment Program (AusRAP) report identifies the worst section of the National Land Transport Network, which is a national network of important road and rail infrastructure links and their intermodal connections, as the M4 Western Motorway in Sydney. Four road sections on the list are located in Queensland.

The AusRAP report examined the 247 sections making up 20,664 kilometers of highway in the National Land Transport Network and ranked highway sections based on risk according to the length of the road section, traffic volume, and the number of injury crashes. Between 2010 and 2014, there were 15,339 injury crashes on this network across Australia, including 924 deaths, reports AAA, which is urging those who live near or use dangerous sections of the National Highway to contact the federal elected officials to discuss their concerns.


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