ANSI/NFSI B101.6-2012 Standard Released

Titled "Standard Guide For Commercial Entrance Matting In Reducing Slips, Trips And Falls," it addresses mats and runners in commercial facilities.

The American National Standards Institute B101 Committee on Slip, Trip and Fall Prevention has released the latest in its line of walkway safety standards: ANSI/NFSI B101.6-2012, "Standard Guide For Commercial Entrance Matting In Reducing Slips, Trips And Falls." It will help building managers eliminate slip-and-fall hazards including dirt, moisture, and contaminants.

"This standard not only covers where and how mats should be deployed, but also identifies the hazards associated with improper mat placement and use," said Robert J. Moran, chairman of the B101.6 subcommittee and chairman/CEO of Ludlow Composites Corp. "We also believe that the standard will soon be adopted by the insurance industry and will serve as an important tool in preventing their insureds' growing mat-related trip-and-fall problem."

Russell Kendzior, founder and president of the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI), said while entranceway matting "can play a significant role in preventing accidental slips by removing moisture from pedestrian footwear, they often contribute to trips and falls when buckled, curled, or flipped over. As the number of floor mat related trip-and-fall lawsuits continues to rise," he continued, "we believe that this groundbreaking new standard provides a new standard of effective care in the proper use, maintenance, and inspection of entranceway floor matting."

NFSI has released a new NFSI Certified logo for certified floor coverings, mats, polishes, finishes, treatments, cleaning chemicals, and equipment used in both commercial and residential settings. It also announced the remaining Walkway Auditor Certification Training dates this year; they will be held at NSFI headquarters, 2815 Exchange Blvd., Suite 200, Southlake, TX 76092.

The dates are September 24-27, October 22-25, and December 3-6. Participants who complete all four days and score 80 percent or higher on the exam will be certified by NFSI as Walkway Auditor Safety Specialists for three years. The fee is $1,100 for NFSI members, $1,350 for non-members.

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