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Predictive Solutions brings prediction to the workplace

Predictive Solutions predicts injuries before they occur. Our technology predicts the likelihood, frequency and location of workplace injuries using customers' observation data.

Creating safety program sustainability

Implementation Services enable customers to get up and running on Predictive Solutions as quickly as possible. Customized plans, which are based on four key components, ensure the solutions and software are configured to the organization's long-term vision, goals and objectives

Culture and process change management

Whether executing a behavior or condition-based safety program, many customers need help in strengthening their safety culture and processes.

Customers Predict Workplace Injuries

Learn how the team that helped design Watson – the Jeopardy show winning super computer – is helping Predictive Solutions and its customers predict workplace injuries.

IndustrySafe Safety Software

Benefits and uses of IndustrySafe Software.

State by State Legal Status of Oral Fluid Testing

Among the many myths about oral fluid testing, is the language of drug testing laws in each of the 50 states. This guideline outlines the current laws regarding drug testing in an easy to follow matrix listed by state.

The Myths and Facts About Oral Fluid Drug Testing

There is no shortage of misinformation surrounding the science of drugs of abuse testing. Oral fluid drug testing, being one of the newer technologies, is no exception to this fact. The team of scientists working for OraSure Technologies has led the drug testing industry and the scientific community with the research and tools to pioneer this highly accurate and efficient method of testing for drugs of abuse. We have banded a team of experts and a library of scientific articles to bring you the facts surrounding oral fluid and its plausibility in the detection of drugs in the body.