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The Myths and Facts About Oral Fluid Drug Testing

There is no shortage of misinformation surrounding the science of drugs of abuse testing. Oral fluid drug testing, being one of the newer technologies, is no exception to this fact. The team of scientists working for OraSure Technologies has led the drug testing industry and the scientific community with the research and tools to pioneer this highly accurate and efficient method of testing for drugs of abuse. We have banded a team of experts and a library of scientific articles to bring you the facts surrounding oral fluid and its plausibility in the detection of drugs in the body.

Getting the Most from Your Training Program

Whether the training format is online or instructor led, taking certain measures prior to and during the training will ensure that you receive all of the benefits of your training investment.

Successful Selection & Implementation of Online EH&S Training

Ready for online training? This whitepaper guides safety professionals through important steps to take when implementing online training to ensure success.

Which Training Format is Right for My Organization?

This white paper examines the major differences between online and classroom learning to help safety professionals make an educated decision about the learning format that is best for their organization.

Nilfisk Fired Up: Combustible Dust

Fired Up: Combustible Dust Raises Explosive Issues

This white paper addresses the effective, efficient ways to comply with OSHA’s combustible dust NEP in your facility.

Why Bump Testing Saves Lives

Why Bump Testing Saves Lives

Over the past seven years, we have collected and monitored data from tens of thousands of gas detectors. A recent analysis of this data has produced some surprising results. Now, we have hard evidence that supports the need for routine bump testing. Read more...

Predicting Thermal Comfort

Predicting Thermal Comfort of Garments by Measuring Fabric Properties

Worker safety is top priority for employers. Personal protective equipment (PPE) including safety apparel is the "life-saving device" worn everyday for flame resistant (FR) protection.

Flame Resistant Fabrics Clothing Basics

Employers must perform a hazard risk analysis for employees that work on or near energized parts or equipment. If the assessment determines that energies available are over 2 cal/cm2, then protective clothing (or clothing systems) shall be worn that has an arc rating equal to or greater than the anticipated level of energy. Just meeting the standards is not enough.

Flame-Resistant Fabrics for Flash-Fire and Electric-Arc Protection

Building high-quality flame-resistant garments is a complex process. Workrite has developed a comprehensive series of techniques and background processes, which are not necessarily readily apparent when simply looking at the garment, but are responsible for the garment’s quality, integrity and durability.