On Demand

General Fall Protection Program Requirements for EHS Managers & Employers

This free webinar will educate attendees on the prevalence of fall hazards in the workplace, discuss what is required of employers, EHS managers, and building owners to protect employees from slips, trips, and falls, and cover how to identify, evaluate, and control common fall hazards in various settings, with a focus on compliance with federal OSHA worker safety standards and the relationship between OSHA and ANSI.

Duration: 1 Hour

OSHA and Heat Stress: A Hot Topic in 2024

This free webinar delves into OSHA's Heat Illness Emphasis Program, exploring its Top 5 Steps, factors influencing workers' heat tolerance, and potential controls to mitigate workplace injuries and fatalities from environmental heat exposure.

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

Battling “Big Brother”: Building Worker Trust with Wearable Tech

This free webinar delves into how organizations utilizing connected, wearable technology for worker safety not only excel in incident response, analytics, and lone worker protection but also navigate employee and union concerns regarding privacy and security, featuring insights from Suncor Energy on securing buy-in, implementing strategies for success, and reaping safety and efficiency benefits.

Duration: 1 Hour

Electrical Risk Assessments for Arc Flash and Electrical Shock – Part 2

This free webinar builds upon the foundational understanding of Electrical Risk Assessments, delving into practical implementation strategies including arc flash hazard analysis, labeling, training, and auditing, ultimately emphasizing the importance of baseline and continuous risk assessments.

Duration: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

Forklift Compliance: Inspection Requirements, Training, and FAQs

Join this free webinar where experts address tough questions on forklift safety and compliance, covering OSHA standards, training requirements, inspections, operational issues, and more, with a live Q&A session included.

Duration: 1 Hour

Engage and Educate: Modern Approaches to Fire Extinguisher Training for Safety Professionals

This free webinar will cover innovative fire extinguisher training techniques such as virtual reality, gamification, digital tools, and inclusive methods to enhance participation and effectiveness for health and safety professionals.

Duration: 1 Hour

ANSI Fall Protection Standard Updates

In this free webinar, attendees will gain valuable insights into the evolving landscape of the fall protection industry, including updates on the OSHA Falls National Emphasis Program and the ANSI/ASSP Z359 standards, empowering safety professionals to effectively navigate and implement cost-effective strategies to mitigate risks for workers at heights.

Duration: 1 Hour

3 Ways Visual AI Transforms Near-Miss Reporting

In this free webinar, explore how integrating AI into near-miss reporting revolutionizes workplace safety management, enhancing accuracy, efficiency, and timeliness while transitioning from reactive to proactive strategies, ensuring safer, more compliant, and productive work environments.

Duration: 1 Hour

Safety Insights: What Manufacturing Workers Really Want

This free webinar explores the results of a groundbreaking survey on worker perspectives regarding safety in manufacturing, revealing insights on the significance of safety training, employee retention, and the profound impact of prioritizing safety on workplace satisfaction and efficiency.

Duration: 1 Hour

Demystifying the Selection, Use, Care & Maintenance of FR/AR Clothing

This free webinar emphasizes the critical importance of proper PPE selection, highlighting similarities in basics for FR clothing across industries while introducing regulations, standards, and best practices for implementing FR/AR clothing programs to mitigate Arc Flash and Flash Fire hazards

Duration: 1 Hour

Respiratory Protection: Are Employers doing it right?

In this free webinar, we will delve into the misconceptions surrounding respiratory protection, exploring the implications of improper usage, the employer's duty to ensure compliance with OSHA regulations, and the prevalent hazards encountered during audits due to these misunderstandings.

Duration: 1 Hour

Safety 101: Understanding the Basics of Building a Successful Safety Program

In this free webinar, discover OSHA's expectations for your business's safety programs, plans, and policies, as we cover program breakdowns, industry best practices, and tips for creating effective safety and health programs suitable for professionals of all levels.

Duration: 1 Hour

Eliminating Electrostatic Hazards to prevent Dust Explosion: Case Studies and Strategies

In this free webinar, the critical examination of electrostatic hazards in industrial settings, particularly regarding combustible dust explosions initiated by electrostatic discharges, underscores the importance of early detection and targeted interventions to prevent potentially catastrophic incidents, as highlighted through case histories and laboratory test data analysis.

Duration: 1 Hour

How Nudge Theory Can Reduce Hand Injuries: A Nudge Led Approach to Hand Safety

This free webinar explores the concept of "nudging" as a method to enhance workplace safety by understanding how our instinct-driven decision-making processes can lead to accidents, and how small environmental adjustments can significantly influence worker behavior to prevent injuries.

Duration: 1 Hour

Facility Safety - Elevating Safety in Warehouse, Distribution Center and High Injury-Rate Retail Establishments: A Risk-Based Prioritized Approach

Join our free webinar to explore strategies for prioritizing risk and enhancing worker safety in today's fast-paced supply chain, where warehouse and distribution center operations are crucial, and injury rates are soaring above industry averages, prompting the initiation of an OSHA National Emphasis Program (NEP); learn how to address key safety risks and foster a safer, more productive workplace through hazard identification, training, equipment, and ergonomic solutions.

Duration: 1 Hour 30 Minutes