AI in Manufacturing: From Data Disorder to Operational Insights

Manufacturing runs on data, but studies show that as much as 73% of an organization's information goes unused, hindering operational visibility, decision-making capability, an overall performance. Artificial intelligence is enabling digital transformation, leveraging structured and unstructured data alike, to bring actionable insights to the forefront. AI delivers everything from prescriptive maintenance and next-best action recommendations to enhanced worker safety and quality inspection. This webinar explores AI's role in industrial operations, showcasing real-world applications.

With the transition to Industry 4.0, the flow of industrial data has come to resemble the central nervous system of manufacturing operations—transmitting vital signals throughout an industrial environment in an intricately orchestrated give and take. But too much or too little data, delivered too early or too late, causes confusion and chaos. A pervasive problem is leaving behind unstructured data—most organizations don’t realize how much data they collect and how much information they don’t use. Studies show that 60-73% of all manufacturing data is never utilized or analyzed because it lives outside of readily accessible structured databases. This ambiguity impacts end-to-end visibility and slows down decision-making with bottom-line consequences. 
Conversely, Artificial intelligence (AI) thrives at drawing insights from ambiguity and unlocking previously untapped data stores. AI is the Great Interpreter for machine and process data.

  • AI for prescriptive maintenance leverages sensor data and maintenance logs to alert workers to machine health and prescribe fixes.
  • Visual AI uses existing camera systems to alert workers about unsafe acts and near misses and recognizes production quality issues and process inefficiencies. 
  • Natural language processing (NLP) and generative tools can advise staff about maintenance activities, asset performance, and more. 

This webinar will provide a comprehensive overview of artificial intelligence for industrial operations, shedding light on key capabilities, complementary technologies, and how AI solutions fit seamlessly into your industrial ecosystem. We will dive deep into the workings of AI through real-world use cases, including how:

  • Visual AI can prevent up to 90% of unsafe acts and near misses, reducing accidents and enabling EHS managers.
  • Deep learning can accurately detect 99% of anomalies, reduce alarm fatigue by as much as 98%, and give days, if not weeks, advance notice for asset failures. 
  • Generative AI can provide real-time personalized insights drawing from organizational information in a secure and trusted way.

This webinar will guide you through identifying the most suitable AI based use cases for your business. Join us for this enlightening webinar and embark on a journey to industrial transformation.

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: February 1, 2024
TIME: 2:00PM ET - 1:00PM CT - 11:00AM PT


Stephen Gold
Chief Marketing Officer

Stephen Gold is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) bringing over 30 years of experience, including B2B application software development, AI and data science, and IoT services. 

He previously was the General Manager of Honeywell’s $2.5B Connected enterprise, where he led the digital transformation and IoT advancement of this century-old $40B manufacturer. As Group CMO of IBM Watson, Gold was one of the principal business architects who delivered next-generation AI technology, driving over 10,000 engagements. 

Prior positions included CCO of HZO, CMO of SPSS, President of Aberdeen Group, and President & CEO of Azerity. Gold has also served on various private and public boards, and has been featured on various media outlets, including CNN, CNBC, Today Show, and Fox News.

Jonathan Haslanger
Vice President of Visual AI Solutions

Jon Haslanger is a technologist, innovator, and leader passionate about using AI to solve critical business problems.  With 15+ years of safely leading teams in high-risk industries, he is well acquainted with the challenges and importance of managing workplace safety.  Jon's experience with applied data science and machine learning allows him to leverage expertise and quickly unlock benefits for companies from their AI investments.

At SparkCognition, as the Vice President of Visual AI Solutions, he serves as an advisor to manufacturing, industrial, and energy companies, helping solve critical challenges by deploying artificial intelligence solutions and delivering improvements in safety, quality, and efficiency.  

Prior to joining SparkCognition, Jon worked at Schlumberger in several key positions across America, Europe, and Asia.  Jon holds a BSME from Johns Hopkins and an MSBA from NYU.

Duration: 1 Hour

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