Enhance Your Safety Culture From the Inside Out

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This webinar occurred on:  May 12, 2016

In a mature safety culture, safety is truly sustainable, with injury rates approaching zero. People feel empowered to take action as needed to work safely. Decisions are made at the appropriate level and people live by those decisions. The organization, as a whole, realizes significant business benefits in higher quality, greater productivity, and increased profits.

DuPont's experience, as well as that of our clients, has proven the value of world-class employee safety performance. A study of data gathered in our DuPont Safety Perception Survey revealed that a robust safety culture directly reduces safety incidents and protects lives. This helps organizations to reduce costs, foster a happier and more productive workforce, make facilities more efficient, and improve their public image, each of which yields significant financial and competitive benefits.

In this FREE webinar, you’ll learn how safety perceptions surveys can help you to continuously measure safety culture as a leading indicator of safety performance, quickly develop insights and to apply predictive analytics for future performance improvements.

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This webinar occurred on:  May 12, 2016



Steve Zuckerman, Software Product Manager, DuPont Sustainable Solutions
Steve is responsible for the design and management of DuPont Sustainable Solutions software business including the development of CoastalFlix™ and DuPont Online Safety Perception Survey™.  He is also involved in software product marketing activities including building business and strategic plans. Steve has held roles in sales management, market and business analysis, and strategic content development. 

Rafael Ochoa, Global Product Manager, DuPont Sustainable Solutions
Rafael has a broad set of commercial experience which includes marketing & product development, sales operations, B2B strategy & process design consulting.  His passion for learning and continuous improvement has served him well to lead and inspire change in matrix organizations where employee engagement is key to achieving the business change. 

Michael Keesey, Product Manager, DuPont Sustainable Solutions
Michael manages survey analytics for DSS. He has also provided financial and injury analysis for clients in numerous industries around the world. Michael is a certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt and has experience leading global improvement projects.

Duration: 1 Hour