magazine cover of man in blue checkered shirt with yellow and orange vest wearing hearing, eye and hand protection while sanding object

March 1, 2023

Find these topics and more in the February/March issue:

  • IH: Gas Detection
  • PPE: Hearing Protection
  • PPE: Protective Apparel
  • PPE: Foot Protection
  • Construction Safety
  • Summar Hazards
  • Fall Protection
  • Training Software
  • Emergency Showers & Eyewash
  • Welding
  • Employee Health Screening

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Cover Story

man wearing hearing, vision and hand protection while working sanding next to saw

Hearing Protection: The Dangers of Non-Compliance

By Sydny Shepard

Hearing health is more important than you might think.


person holding virtual reality glasses while looking at video on computer of forklift in warehouse

Using Technology to Improve Safety Training

By Alex Saurman, Sydny Shepard

How can both older and newer technologies play a role in teaching workers about safety? 

man in yellow vet and white hard hat drinking a bottle of water against a blue sky

Summer Heat and More: An All-Hazard Approach to Working Outdoors

By Karen D. Hamel

Employers and employees need to watch out for more than just hot weather during the summer.

three rows of safety glasses, the first all white, the second yellow and the third black

Reframing Eyewear: Meeting Workforce Needs with Technology and Advancements

By Vincent Azibert

New eyewear technology can help workers stay safe and comfortable while doing their job.

man in yellow reflection jacket with white hard hat learning against a piece of equipment looking tiired

Personal Protective Equipment: The Pains of Staying Pain-Free

By Cindy Pauley

What PPE challenges are professionals facing, and how can they be solved?

welder in mask welding, with blue sparks coming off object

Occupational Health Hazards in the Welding Industry 

By Alex Saurman

Welders might be at risk for certain health hazards. Luckily, there are ways to mitigate them.

pile of rolled-up blue jeans

The Challenges of Bringing Stretch to FR Denim

By Chris Romansky

Product developers must consider the variation of stretch, standards, partnerships and laundering.

man with a hardhat checking a gas detection monitor

3 Gas Detection Practices to Leave Behind in 2023 and 3 to Take with You

By Dante Moore

Improve the safety of your workers with new approaches to gas detection and safety programs.

woman in blue shirt stretching woman

Reducing Injuries and Increasing Productivity with Onsite Athletic Trainers 

By Paul Goren, Leif Anderson

Athletic trainers can work with onsite nurses to create a stronger and healthier workplace.

person tying right show while resting it on second bar os safety railing. The sun is shining in the background

Safety Footwear is Not a One-Size-Fits-All Approach

By Robin Skillings

When selecting footwear, workers should consider multiple factors to ensure their safety.

person sitting in red flannel shirt and grey jeans while putting on black boots

Ensuring Safety with Quality Footwear

By Tito Warren

There are four key factors to keep in mind when choosing the right safety footwear for workers.

graph with arrows in square pattern with text inside. Text in each arrow is, in order, teach people more, more people stay, more culture stays, more people learn, people feel more secure, even more people stay and stronger culture emerges

Construction Safety in the Atypical Wake of Worker Turnover

By Ray Prest

Now is a great time to invest in safety training. Here’s why.

person with blue sleeve holding unlabeled gas detector

Does Real-Time Data Enhance Gas Detection Programs?

By Anne Osbourn

Three reasons why the answer is yes, and why this type of data does more than help with decision-making.

person washing eyes under an eyewash station attached to a sink

Designing for Safety with Emergency Eyewashes and Shower Devices 

By Ryan Pfund

Consider these factors when selecting an emergency eyewash or shower device for your workplace. 

up-close view of fall protection clipped to bar with person dressed in fall protection in background

Is Your Fall Protection Program Falling Short?

By Steve Crocker

Consider these three areas to improve your program.

silhouette of person with hair in a bun and image of sun setting on tree in field inside silhouette

Growing a ‘Culture of Safety’ Mindset

By David Kopf

What are the practices and standards that organizations should prioritize when protecting those working at height? An expert shares some insights.


Increasing Safety Confidence

By Robert Pater