December 2011

December 2011

  • VISION PROTECTION: A Pitch for Safer Cultures
  • PROTECTIVE APPAREL: Pressure to Perform
  • PROTECTIVE APPAREL: Take the Guesswork Out of Selecting Apparel
  • GAS DETECTION: Upward Mobility
  • SIGNS & SIGNALS: Putting the Right Signs in the Right Places
  • SIGNS & SIGNALS: Power Up Your Safety Communication with Electronic Message Boards
  • FIRE & EMERGENCY RESPONSE: Life Safety in Overdrive
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Cover Story

Take the Guesswork Out of Selecting Apparel

By Brian Cormican

New innovations deliver objective, real-time data on a PPE solution's resistance to molten substances.


Pressure to Perform

By Peter A. Kirk

Understanding the dynamics of air pressure within your hazmat suit should provide welcome peace of mind.

Upward Mobility

By Jerry Laws

While oil and gas drilling activity benefits Gasco Affiliates, LLC, the calibration gas manufacturer's president says gas detection is widely used and will keep growing.

A Pitch for Safer Cultures

By Jerry Laws

"This is the one area we focus on that is almost entirely preventable: eye injuries. There's really something that can be done here," says Prevent Blindness America COO Jeff Todd.

GM Indianapolis decided to approach its fire protection needs using the latest network technology.

Life Safety in Overdrive

By Barbara Horwitz-Bennett

A highly sophisticated fire alarm network achieves new heights of control at a General Motors facility in Indianapolis.

Two-Way Learning

By Ron Smrek

Comparing two groups' retention of training material about fire extinguisher use and safety showed response technology was beneficial.

Putting the Right Signs in the Right Places

By Steve Stephenson

Enlist a safety team. Push your managers, machine operators, and safety personnel to gain a broad perspective on warehouse, assembly, and other manufacturing equipment and operations.

Power Up Your Safety Communication with Electronic Message Boards

By Jude Carter

The heart and soul of any digital signage program is the content. Far too little focus is placed on this aspect of the program.


15 Years Online

By Jerry Laws

Tell me which topics appeal to you for our 2012 virtual events' webinars.

Secrets of Turnaround Training

By Robert Pater, Charlie Braxton

While training is not the prescription for every problem, it can be a potential catalyst for significant improvements.