Safety Training

American Society of Concrete Contractors

Spanish Safety Guide

The American Society of Concrete Contractors' ASCC Tool Box Talk is now available in Spanish. The book includes 52 Tool Box safety talks and a log for maintaining a safety talk attendance record. Safety directors can use a different talk each week to meet their safety program requirements.

    Safe and Secure Channel

    Emergency Medical Care Video

    Be prepared for medical emergencies. Learn about new guidelines on when to use hands-only CPR versus traditional CPR. Find about the benefits of having an AED program at your workplace.

    Watch this informative program including an interview with Karen Orso of American Heart Association and Jerry Laws, Editor of OH&S.

      Safe and Secure Channel

      Driving Safety Video

      Find out what are the top distractions for drivers and how to reduce delayed reaction times. Learn what to look for in driver training program to get the most effective one to meet your needs. Discover what event data recorders in today’s vehicles provide and tips for teaching your employees to be better drivers.

      Watch this informative program including an interview with Phil Moser of Advanced Driver Training Services and Jerry Laws, Editor of OH&S.

        Government Institutes

        Construction Guide

        Government Institutes' compact guide, "Construction Industry Digest: And All About OSHA," was written by OSHA to provide insight and guidance on the agency's construction safety requirements. Featuring the safety standards most frequently overlooked by employers, readers will find overviews of each standard presented alphabetically with a brief discussion of its essential elements.

          Construction Safety Council

          Electrical Safety

          Construction Safety Council's Electrical Safety for Construction training program is designed to teach basic approaches to keeping safe while working with and around electricity. Attendees will learn to recognize, evaluate, and control electrical hazards, including GFCI, temporary wiring, and more. An instructor reference manual, CD, and DVD are included.

            J.J. Keller & Associates Inc.


            J.J. Keller's Electrical Safety: Know Your Ground training program is 29 CFR 1910.332 compliant and designed to cover the basic training needs of unqualified employees or serve as refresher training for qualified employees. The program offers critical information on how electricity works, how to eliminate or minimize electrical hazards, and more.

              Industrial Scientific Corp.

              Full-Color Monitor

              Industrial Scientific's new 19-minute online training video gives a general overview of the features and operation of the MX6 iBrid™ multi-gas monitor--which comes with a full-color LCD display screen and can detect one to six gases, including oxygen, combustible gases, and up to four toxic gases.

                Virtual Driver Interactive

                DRIVER TRAINING

                Virtual Driver Interactive's completely self-contained simulators are engineered to eliminate the need for an instructor. To aid in retention, they feature multimedia tools that show drivers graphs, diagrams, and pictures for each lesson while reading everything to them. Drivers then take an interactive quiz on the lessons learned.

                  American Heart Association

                  RESUSCITATION COURSE

                  The American Heart Association Airway Management Course is specifically designed to give students the opportunity to learn, practice, and demonstrate many airway skills used in resuscitation. The course is available in five modules: Bag-Mask Ventilation and Airway Adjuncts (required), Laryngeal Mask Airway, Esophageal-Tracheal Combitube, Endotracheal Tube, and Impedance Threshold Device.

                    BullEx Digital Safety

                    EXTINGUISHER TRAINING

                    BullEx Digital Safety's I.T.S. Xtreme™ is a live-fire extinguisher training simulator for use by fire departments, emergency responders, and others. The system responds to a trainee's actions with an air/water training extinguisher and has three available stainless steel props: Class A, trashcan; Class B, stovetop; and Class C, motor.