Respiratory Protection

Moldex-Metric Inc.


Moldex has joined more than 150 major corporations that have stopped using PVC plastic in their products and/or packaging. Its latest lines of hearing and respiratory protection products are now completely PVC-free. No change in price, comfort, or quality has been made, the company says.

    oilind Safety


    Oilind Safety's new Mobile Respiratory Service Center is designed to allow certified technicians to perform full-service breathing apparatus maintenance and required DOT cylinder hydro testing at a customer's site. The on-site service facility reduces equipment out-of-service time, thus improving overall efficiency, inventory control, and safety.

      Biomarine Inc.


      The NIOSH-certified Biomarine BioPak 240 Revolution four-hour rebreather features disposable solid CO2 scrubbers and externally accessible coolant canisters that eliminate the need to open the housing or break into the breathing loop. Its ergonomic, slim-profile design is body-contoured for maximum comfort and ease, allowing for use under protective gear without restricting movement.

        AOSafety®-Respiratory Protection


        AOSafety's new QuickLatch® Flex air-purifying, half-mask respirator is designed to fit all face sizes and shapes while providing the comfort and ease of quick breaks with its patented easy-on-and-off latch. The device can use the full line of AOSafety 8000 Series bayonet style cartridges, filters, and more. Booth 1028.

          AOSafety®-Respiratory Protection


          AOSafety's NIOSH-approved M-TAC™ military-style respirator was originally developed for the Swedish armed forces and features dual wide-view eyepieces, an anti-fog airflow system, and a unique, integrally designed drinking tube. Approved for select toxic industrial chemicals, tear gas agents, and all particulates, the respirator's cartridge meets the performance specifications of a C2A1 (MIL-PRF-51560 (EA)) type canister for select chemical warfare agents.

            Technon LLC

            ESCAPE MASK

            Technon's BREATH OF LIFE™ Emergency Escape Mask is designed for use in the event of fires, natural disasters, and terrorist attacks--including the dispersal of biological toxins, hazardous particulate matter, smoke, and dust. The lightweight and portable mask weighs 1.5 ounces and can provide the wearer 15 to 20 minutes of protection to escape a life-threatening situation.

              3M Occupational Health and Environmental Safety Division

              PAPR SYSTEM

              3M's new Breathe Easy™ (RBE) for Responders Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) system is NIOSH-approved to meet the new CBRN standard. The system features the 3M™ Cartridge RBE-57, which is designed to help protect users against CBRN particulates, gases, and vapors, and functions with two battery options: RBE-L10 Primary Lithium Battery and Rechargeable nickel metal hydride battery (NiMH).



                MSA's Advantage 3000 Respirator featuring a lighter and softer Ultra Elite® facepiece is designed to exceed previous models' comfort levels while solving users' air-purifying respiratory protection needs. The device meets NIOSH and EN standards; the interchangeability of all Advantage respirator cartridges and filters simplifies selection and eliminates the need for additional fit testing.

                  HYLINE SAFETY CO.


                  Safe Life's Triosyn T-5000 Disposable Respirator features a new, improved disposable facemask with a novel microbial filter made with Triosyn® resin to help stop airborne diseases and viral threats. It enhances capture performance by increasing the surface area of each filter fiber. The molecular makeup of the resin expresses an electrochemical charge that pulls microorganisms out of the airflow.

                    Moldex-Metric Inc.

                    HI-VIS RESPIRATOR

                    The Moldex 2200N95HV high-visibility N95 disposable respirator features a green Dura-Mesh® shell that resists collapsing, makes compliance checks easier, and increases worker safety in high-traffic areas. Softspun® lining gives added comfort and durability, and a contour-molded nose bridge with soft foam nose cushion seals without use of a metal nose band.