Hazmat Management


MSDS Management

MSDSpro's WORKflo is designed to bridge the communication gap between MSDS management and chemical authorization without the hassles of a paper trail authorization. Using Digital Workflow Techniques™, the product allows companies to achieve total chemical control through department-level chemical authorization.

    Westcott Distribution Inc.

    Multiple Drum Dispenser

    The new GT Multi-pump Dispensing System is Westcott Distribution Inc.'s latest pumping solution for spill-free, environmentally safe transfer of any chemical or liquid. The system is designed to expand capability and streamline operations where multiple liquids are needed. The pumps meet RoHS and FDA safe food requirements and are made in America.

      J.J. Keller & Associates Inc.

      Hazardous Waste Software

      J.J. Keller & Associates Inc.'s Keller-Soft® Waste Manifest and Label Maker software is designed to automate completion of the Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest form required by EPA. The software includes instructions for filling out each form and stores the forms electronically to assist with reporting and sending of like shipments.

        OMNI/ajax Inc.

        Mercury Spill Kit

        OMNI/ajax Inc.'s redesigned Mercury Magnet™ mercury spill kit is tailored to multiple industries, including health care, safety, maintenance, janitorial, and natural gas/electric utilities. Its magnetic amalgamation powder reduces the risk of mercury exposure by forming a non-vaporizing solid that is easily picked up with a magnetic hand tool.

          Westcott Distribution Inc.

          High-Performance Pump

          Westcott Distribution Inc.'s GoatThroat Pumps have been certified to meet stringent, new worldwide regulations aimed at reducing or eliminating materials that are hazardous to the environment. The pump uses high-performance materials, including Moplen polypropylene from Basel, Viton ® from Dupont, and Santoprene from Advanced Elastomer Systems (AES).

            3E Company®

            Online Compliance

            The latest addition to its Regulatory Reporting services, 3E Co.'s Compliance Calendar Documents feature is designed to allow instant online access to all hazardous material disclosures and permits available for a facility that are prepared within 3E Online, as well as the ability to view the scanned PDF document.

              Government Institutes

              Hazcom Guide

              Automating Hazcom: Including the MSDS Administrator Software, a new book from Government Institutes, is designed to address the five primary elements of OSHA's HazCom standard (29 CFR 1910.1200), including a written program, MSDS management, container labeling, reporting, and employee training. It provides expert guidance for choosing a compliance software program.


                Exposure Meter

                ETS-Lindgren's new HI-2200 RF Field Survey Meter enables a user to take basic RF safety measurements over an extended frequency range. The compact measurement system features five broadband interchangeable probes, available for both electric and magnetic field measurements, providing flexibility for non-ionizing radiation exposure measurements.

                  RAE Systems

                  HAND-HELD DETECTOR

                  Recently validated for homeland security application, RAE Systems' QRAE II R is a hand-held integrated detector and dosimeter designed for gamma radiation. The device's sensitive Cesium Iodide (CsI) scintillation crystal provides a fast, two-second response to radiological threats, while the energy-compensated PIN diode provides high-dose-rate range coverage and accurate dose measurements.

                    HEMCO Corp.

                    HAZMARDOUS CONTAINMENT

                    HEMCO's HAZMAX Hazardous Containment Work Area features baffles and bypass inlets that are designed for containment applications involving hazardous dispensing and sampling procedures, material storage, and equipment isolation. The work area is constructed of corrosion- and flame-retardant fiberglass with epoxy coating on all metal parts, seamless composite polyresin, coved corners, and a sloped bottom to facilitate draining and cleaning.