Kimberly-Clark Professional

Exam Glove

Kimberly-Clark Professional has added a new 12-inch offering to its line of Kimtech Science Sterling Nitrile Exam Glove; this one is designed to provide added splash protection at the cuff. The ambidextrous, latex-free glove is 3.5 mils thick and available in extra-small through extra-large sizes. Its textured fingertips improve handling of delicate instruments.

    Kimberly-Clark Professional

    Chemical-Resistant Glove

    Further expanding its KleenGuard chemical resistance bundle of protective apparel, Kimberly-Clark Professional debuts the G80 PVC chemical-resistant glove. Designed to provide a comfortable chemical protection that is easier to don and doff, the glove features a soft knit liner and resists acids, bases, salts, and other aqueous solutions.


      Oil-Repellent Glove

      The HyFlex® 11-920 is Ansell's first oil-repellent glove with gripping properties utilizing its patent-pending Ansell Grip Technology™, enabling workers to grip wet or oily objects with less effort. The glove prevents oil penetration and reduces the risk of dermatitis and liquid exposure, keeping workers comfortable and protected.

        Best Glove Inc.

        Oil-Resistant Glove

        Best Glove's Zorb-IT® Black-Lite™ 4540 glove is flat-dipped into a sponge nitrile compound that is less oil absorbent than the sponge nitrile used in other Zorb-IT family gloves. The glove's breathable, seamless black-knit liner is designed to reduce odor and hide the grime associated with everyday wear in industrial and automotive work environments.

          MCR Safety

          Kevlar Glove

          MCR Safety's KS-5 combines the engineering of DuPont Kevlar®, stainless-steel filaments, and polyester yarns, into a 13-gauge, seamless knit liner that achieves CE cut level five. Its textured latex coating provides an enhanced grip and puncture resistance. Available in sizes S through XL, the glove's applications include food service.

            Best Glove Inc.

            Grip Glove

            Best Glove's new Answer® NGT 2745 is engineered with a new grip technology (NGT) coating that has the release properties manufacturers need when handling adhesives and sealants. A proprietary coating is on the palm, fingers, and thumb of the four-piece, cut-and-sewn glove.

              Sempermed USA Inc.

              Surgical Glove

              Sempermed USA Inc.'s Syntegra is a surgical glove manufactured with a patented styrene-isoprene-styrene copolymer that lacks processing accelerator chemicals--which can cause glove-related sensitivities. The product can be double-gloved for added protection and its chlorination-free formula eliminates chlorine's slippery feel and strong odor.

                Protective Industrial Products Inc.

                CUT-RESISTANT GLOVES

                Protective IndustrialProducts' second generation of cut-resistant gloves features new DSM Dyneemaspun yarns, which are 15 times stronger than quality steel on an equal weight basis.The gloves are available with or without coatings and can be launderedrepeatedly, even with bleach, to extend their wearable lives.

                  North Safety Products

                  COLD WEATHER GLOVE

                  The North Polar® glove, by North Safety Products, is an insulated, hard-wearing leather palm work glove that is made to keep wearers' hands and wrists safe from general work hazards while working in the biting cold. The waterproof, general-purpose glove is ideal for cold environments.

                    Best Glove Inc.

                    HI-VIS GLOVE

                    Best Glove's newest addition to its Zorb-IT® family of general purpose gloves, the Zorb-IT® HV is a fluorescent-orange glove that combines high visibility and sure-grip features to help keep workers safe. Its durable nylon shell is flat-dipped in Best's sponge nitrile for grease and oil absorption.

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