rubber insulating gloves

Rubber Insulating Gloves

The Marigold Industrial Rubber Insulating Gloves from Ansell address electrical workers’ needs by protecting the wearer’s hands from exposed energized, de-energized or re-energized electrical circuits. The flexibility and the dexterity of the gloves allow for comfortable, prolonged wear for all electrical applications. They are ergonomically designed with a shape that reflects the hand at a natural resting position and features non-splayed fingers, as well as a generous flare cuff for ventilation and room for clothing.


    Protective Gloves

    Protective Gloves

    Ansell announces the release of the AlphaTec nitrile gloves to help prevent hand injuries related to chemical hazards, while maximizing worker comfort through a breakthrough technology that absorbs moisture accumulated from prolonged glove use. The new AlphaTec 58-330 and 58-335 gloves are equipped for AquaDri, a moisture management technology that mimics a sponge, absorbing moisture at a rate up to 10 times faster than traditional cotton or flocked gloves.


      polyisoprene gloves

      Polyisoprene Gloves

      The Touch N Tuff 83-500 gloves from Ansell are constructed with polyisoprene, a polymer designed to mimic the structure and attributes of natural rubber, providing wearers with a “second skin” fit and feel without the risk of latex sensitization. Ansell combined its expertise from successful applications of other polyisoprene products when designing the gloves, which include its SureFit technology. The glove fits securely onto the forearm and prevents the cuff from rolling down, which maintains the integrity of a sterile environment.

        Superior Glove

        Superior Glove ultra-fine 18-gauge cut-level 2 glove

        It can FEEL THIS GOOD.

        Feast your eyes on the MOST DEXTEROUS cut-resistant 18-gauge glove ON THE MARKET.

        Superior Glove has just launched an ultra-fine 18-gauge cut-level 2 glove – literally the most dexterous cut-resistant glove out there. It’s what you’ve been waiting for: barehand feel, cut protection, grip, and agility you won’t believe.

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          Condor mechanic

          Condor Mechanic's Gloves

          Grainger's Condor mechanic's gloves help protect your hands on the job from scratches, scrapes, and bumps without sacrificing dexterity. High-impact gloves feature a 100% aramid fiber lining for optimal cut resistance, padded palms for impact resistance, and a hook and loop cuff. Polyurethane molded knuckles and fingers are designed for maximum hand protection in the harshest environments.


            ProFlex 8190D Thermal Waterproof Gauntlet Glove

            Ergodyne's ProFlex™ 8190D Thermal Waterproof Gauntlet Glove with OutDry™ features the most advanced waterproof/windproof technology available. The OutDry™ patented lamination process directly bonds a breathable membrane to the inside of the glove's outer shell to create one unique, seam-sealed waterproof entity. Gloves with OutDry™ are thinner while still being warmer, drier, and providing superior dexterity.




              Impacto Protective Products Inc.'s anti-vibration line of Air Gloves™ feature a patented Bubble Glove™ technology that is designed to reduce the vibration energy transmitted into a wearer's hands. Models BG600 and BG610 are coated in chemical-resistant nitrile, and models BG620 and BG630 are coated in liquid-resistant rubber. The gloves meet anti-vibration glove standards.

                West Chester Holdings


                PALM-DIPPED GLOVES

                The new Lunar Foam Nitrile palm-dipped gloves from West Chester Holdings are designed for all types of commercial and industrial applications. Part of the PosiGrip® brand, the gloves are available in a white or salt-and-pepper nylon shell that is dipped over the palm and fingertips with full saddle coverage.

                  Glove Guard LP

                  METAL-DETECTABLE CLIP

                  The Glove Guard®, Utility Guard™, and Handi Klip™ lines from Glove Guard LP are now offered in a version that is molded entirely out of a metal-detectable plastic designed specifically for use in the food processing industry, safely keeping workers' gloves close at hand.

                    Magid Glove & Safety Mfg. Co. LLC

                    DURABLE GLOVE

                    Magid Glove & Safety's Magid CutMaster XKS 450 terry cloth work glove has an ANSI Cut Level 4 rating and is designed for metal stamping or any extreme application that requires a high level of durability, wear, and performance. The glove's black coloration effectively hides dirt and grime, extending wear.