Gas Detectors

Honeywell Analytics


Honeywell's Lumidor IMPACT PRO premium portable gas detector is engineered to provide users with a low ownership cost and ease of use. The detector contains a unique cartridge design with built-in, user-replaceable sensors and monitors up to four gases simultaneously, including oxygen, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, and other toxic/flammable gases.

    GfG Instrumentation Inc.


    GfG's G450 AutoCalĀ® series is designed to be easy to operate, read, and carry in both confined spaces and open areas. This compact and lightweight four-gas detector continuously measures CO, H2S, O2, and combustibles in ambient air. The device has a large invertible display, automatic calibration, and a 103-dB buzzer. It weighs 10 ounces. Booth 938.

      GfG Instrumentation Inc.


      GfG's durable G460 Multi-gas Detector is designed to continuously measure and display readings for up to six gases at the same time. To survive the toughest environments, the device's robust and watertight (IP667) housing incorporates a built-in, concussion-proof boot. Its simple, three-button interface provides access to advanced setup options, and calibration adjustment is completely automatic.

        Crowcon Detection Instruments Ltd.


        Crowcon's new remote LaserMethane? hand-held detection device is designed to deliver accurate methane surveys without requiring direct contact with methane gas. The lightweight device can detect methane at concentrations between 10 and 10,000 parts per million at 490 feet away in less than 0.1 second--even through glass--and can be fixed in a permanent position to scan a given area.