Gas Detectors

Honeywell Analytics

Gas Detector Guide

A new four-color, four-page brochure from Honeywell Analytics describes the new Lumidor Impact Pro with infrared optical sensors and its many applications, including confined spaces, petrochemical processes, wastewater treatment, food processing, and fire suppressant leak protection. The device detects flammable gases, as well as oxygen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and more.

    Draeger Safety Inc.

    Bump Test Station

    The printer/interface for the new Draeger Bump Test Station from Draeger Safety is designed for logging daily functional tests of gas detection devices within 10 seconds. The device allows for quick tests and documentation of items, such as verification of calibration, functions of alarms, alarm settings, and more.

      Honeywell Analytics

      Detection/Calibration Kit

      Honeywell Analytics' new detection-calibration kit comes complete with the MicroDock II Test-Calibration Docking System and is designed to offer customers a way to experience first-hand the company's new X-Series line of durable, easy-to-use portable gas detection instrumentation that are designed to protect an entire crew from toxic and combustible gas hazards.

        Honeywell Analytics

        Transportable Gas Detector

        Honeywell Analytics' SPM (Single Point Monitor) is a versatile, rugged, transportable gas detector that is designed to offer 0-60 parts per billion detection of diisocyanates that are used in manufacturing and lab processes where toxic gases present a hazard to people and equipment. Chemcassette colorimetric paper-based technology gives "proof of response" reading.

          RAE Systems

          Wireless Detection

          RAE Systems Inc.'s new wireless-enabled UltraRAE 3000 photoionization detector (PID) is designed for compound-specific gas monitoring below 50 parts per billion--such as benzene and butadiene--by use of proprietary pre-filter tubes. The device supports two detection modes, 60-second snapshot assessments, and longer STEL surveys.


            Gas Sniffer

            RIDGID® debuts the new Micro CG-100™, a combustible gas sniffer designed to quickly and accurately detect gas leakage. Made for users who work in maintenance, utility, plumbing, or HVAC, the sniffer features Tri-Mode Detection™, which alerts the operator with a visible signal, audible alarm, or silent vibration.

              Sierra Monitor Corp.

              Gas Detector

              Sierra Monitor Corp.'s newest addition to the IT series of hazardous gas detectors, the 5100-05-IT, features a six-month calibration cycle, which cuts maintenance costs in half when compared to the industry standard's three month calibration. The stand-alone module's optional remote sensor can be used from up to 100 feet away.



                SA's Galaxy Automated Test System is designed to manage the ORIONplus Multigas Detector and other MSA gas detection equipment. It operates automatically and requires minimal user training because all gas tubing and electrical connections are pre-connected. The unit is a bump tester, calibration station, and asset management system rolled into one.


                  REMOTE MONITORING

                  MSA's Ultima XL/XT series gas monitors are engineered to provide HART Field Communications Protocol running over a 4-20mA output. The units feature convenient setup, calibration, diagnostics, and sensor disconnect under power within a small and practical design. Remote displays can be viewed through a portable hand-held communicator, host DCS, or laptop.

                    Crowcon Detection Instruments Ltd.

                    MONITORING SYSTEM

                    Crowcon's new PGSi Programmable Monitoring System is designed to easily monitor toxic or flammable gases--such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and methane--from multiple locations. Capable of monitoring up to four gases at once from as many as 32 individual sampling points, the system is ideal for carbon monoxide monitoring applications in parking areas, tunnels, breweries, distilleries, and food processing plants.