Fire Protection

Kidde Fire Systems


Kidde Fire Systems' new AEGIS single-hazard-agent-release control panel is ANSI 864, 9th edition compliant and can be used to control the company's full line of suppression systems. Additional features include programmable relays, robust power supply, elegant user interface, password protection, and a five-year warranty.

    NOTIFIER, part of the Honeywell Life Safety Group


    NOTIFIER's new NFS-320 intelligent fire alarm control panel is UL 864, Ninth Edition listed and is specifically engineered for small applications. Using exclusive technologies that minimize installation time, speed up alarm response, and simplify maintenance and usability, the panel is part of the ONYX® series and supports up to 318 intelligent devices (159 sensors/159 modules) on one Signaling Line Circuit (SLC).

      NOTIFIER, part of the Honeywell Life Safety Group


      NOTIFIER's new, UL 864 Ninth Edition-listed intelligent fire alarm control panel, model NFS2-3030, offers a custom solution for large commercial high-rise buildings, hospitals, shopping malls, airports, sports arenas, and similar facilities. The device features a modular design with multiple display options and supports up to 10 signaling line circuits for a maximum capacity of 3,180 intelligent devices.

        BullEx Digital Safety


        BullEx Digital Safety's fire extinguisher training product, the HotShot, uses an LED panel to simulate flames that respond directly to a trainee's actions. Sensors on the device interact with BullEx's SmartExtinguisher™ to detect where the trainee is aiming and sweeping. The device can simulate class A, B, and C fires at four different difficulty levels. Booth 1842.

          BullEx Digital Safety

          Training System

          The BullsEye™ fire extinguisher training system from BullEx is designed to simulate the discharge of a dry chemical extinguisher for a completely clean, safe, and effective training experience. The system's digital panel responds to the laser extinguisher as the trainee aims and sweeps. The BullsEye uses a conical laser to replicate extinguisher discharge, making it ideal for training in the actual work environment where an extinguisher might be used. The system features an on-board rechargeable battery and a speaker that simulates the sound of a discharging chemical extinguisher.