Fire Protection



DuPont™'s new Nomex® On Demand™ thermal liner technology is designed to provide up to 20 percent more thermal insulation when it is needed most. When exposed to 250 degree F temperatures, its "smart" technology expands to increase thermal performance. In routine conditions, the material remains thin and pliable for better mobility.

    CINTEC America


    CINTEC America announces the Hexagon Water Dam, a Waterwall Water Storage Unit. The inflatable dam is designed to provide additional rapid water storage for firefighting appliances when the main water supply is unavailable and allows a bouser or tanker to empty water into the unit and leave the location to refill.

      Kappler Inc.

      Multiuse Garment

      Kappler Inc. introduces the Frontline® 300. Combining chemical and flash-fire protection, this multi-use, single-exposure garment is ideal for petrochemical line break situations and was developed with detailed input from petrochemical safety officers. The apparel also offers improved radiant heat protection from temperatures up to 1,900 degrees Fahrenheit.

        Sperian Fire

        Turnout Gear

        Sperian Fire's UltraMotion™ turnout gear is designed to be easy to don and doff, saving seconds in life-and-death situations. Made from water-shedding fabrics, the apparel features tapered Sidewinder pockets and a patented T-Closer™ collar that protects the neck from flame, heat, and abrasion.

          Burn Stations

          Water-Jel Technologies debuts two new wall-mounted Burn Stations that are specially designed to deal with burns that occur in the workplace. The stations offer a wide range of treatment products and can be mounted anywhere burn accidents are most likely to occur. Their protective dust covers guard against contaminants.

          BullEx Digital Safety

          Extinguisher Training

          Train your employees to fight Class A, B, and C fires with BullEx Digital Safety's Intelligent Training System™. Training extinguishers discharge only air and water while the flame control system creates a realistic response.

            MCR Safety

            Flame-Resistant Jacket

            MCR Safety's new 5933 Navigator two-piece suit is constructed of .30 mm breathable polyester/polyurethane material that meets the ASTM D-6413 standard for flame resistance. The jacket features double-stitched and taped seams, a zip-out fleece liner, a tuck-away hood, and a zipper front closure with Velcro storm flap. Available in navy blue and in sizes M-X4.

              DuPont Personal Protection

              NFPA-Certified Garment

              DuPont Personal Protection's new Tychem® BR garment is certified to the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) 1994 Class 2, 2007 edition standard and is designed to be lighter in weight and less cumbersome than a traditional fully encapsulated suit. The garment has been successfully tested against more than 240 chemicals and is tear-, puncture-, and abrasion-resistant.


                Fire Alarm Systems

                NOTIFIER's ONYX® Series of intelligent fire alarm control systems is UL 864 Ninth Edition listed and engineered to speed up alarm response, simplify maintenance and usability, and maximize flexibility. The series is comprised of the NFS-320 for small applications, the NFS2-640 for mid-size applications, and the NFS2-3030 for larger installations.

                  Pittsburgh Corning Corp.

                  Fire Suppresant

                  Pittsburgh Corning Corp. debuts its FOAMGLAS® PFS pool fire suppressant system. Designed as a reliable, low-cost/maintenance solution for the reduction of thermal radiation and flame height in contained liquid natural gas (LNG) fires, cubes are prepackaged in easy-to-handle, UV-resistant bags that rest uniformly in a sump or other containment area.