Face and Head Protection

Fiber-Metal, a North Safety Products brand


Fibre-Metal's SUPEREIGHT® E1 Full Brim hard hat is designed to offer greater protection against rain, falling debris, and the sun's UV rays. All hats are shipped fully assembled and feature a technically advanced, eight-point suspension that offers greater protection for demanding work environments.

    ERB Industries Inc.


    ERB Industries' new Liberty™ Mega Ratchet® safety helmet is designed to provide an economical alternative for head protection that is safe and durable. Molded from lightweight, high-density polyethylene, the hat features a short peak and trim profile, a functional rain trough, and accessory slots that can accommodate a wide variety of eye, face, and hearing products.

      Airgas Inc.


      Airgas’ new Radnor® SmoothDomeTM Slotted Cap helmet is designed to be tough, lightweight, and comfortable. It provides protection for workers looking to shield themselves from small falling objects and has received Type 1 (top-impact) safety rating as outlined in ANSI Z89.1-2003 Class E (electrical high voltage).