Face and Head Protection

Jackson Safety


The 370 Welding Helmet Headgear from Jackson Safety features a three-position slider that adjusts the distance of the lens from the user's eyes. Its removable comfort cradle head pad pivots to provide the highest degree of comfort, and a sweatband absorbs perspiration, preventing it from interfering with vision.

    Gateway Safety Inc.

    Gateway Safety Inc

    Gateway Safety Inc.'s new Serpent™ Ventilated Safety Helmet is designed to help offset the adverse effects of working in hot weather, thereby ensuring worker compliance. Its CoolSense™ six-vent air flow system allows heat to escape, keeping workers cooler. A soft, cushioned brow pad helps to absorb moisture and perspiration.

      Elvex Corp.

      Safety Hat

      Elvex Corp.'s new advanced safety helmet, the Tectra™ safety cap, is ANSI Z89.1-2003 compliant and features a contemporary design, a lightweight polyethylene shell, four head-hugging suspensions, vented and non-vented options, non-conductive and general duty models, hidden suspension hangers, a rain trough for water disbursement, and more.

        Cordova Safety Products

        Head Protection

        Cordova Safety Products introduces its Safety Helmets and Bump Caps. The low-profile, high-density polyethylene helmets feature rain troughs, universal accessory slots, six color choices, and four types of suspension. All helmets meet the ANSI Z89.1-2003 Standard for Type 1, Classes C, G, and E. The ventilated Bump Caps include plastic 4-point suspensions with pinlocks.

          Underwater Kinetics

          Helmet Mounted Flashlight

          Underwater Kinetics' new 4AA eLED Zoom with Rylee Clip is a helmet-mounted flashlight designed for firefighters. With a twist of its bezel, the flashlight's focusable beam can zoom from a wide angle to an intense spot, and its unique circuitry maintains constant brightness for 80 percent of alkaline battery life.

            Gateway Safety Inc.


            Gateway Safety's new Serpent™ ventilated safety helmet is designed to keep workers cool on the job site while protecting them in harsh work environments. Featuring the CoolSense™ Air Flow System, the helmet has six strategically designed vents along the peak of the head, allowing heat to escape. Additional comfort features include a soft, six-point, impact-absorbing nylon suspension.

              Elvex Corp.


              Elvex has designed three different versions of its visor bracket. All are designed to fit most hard hats, including those with short or sloping brims. Three different "blade" options are available, and four models of cap-mount ear muffs offer NRRs ranging from 24 to 28 dB.

                Fiber-Metal, a North Safety Products brand

                REVERSE YOUR HARD HAT

                Fiber-Metal's patented SUPEREIGHT® SWINGSTRAP™ and Speedy-Loop Mounting System is designed to allow welders to rear face their hat in seconds to accept a welding helmet without having to remove, reverse, and then reinstall its suspension; users simply swing the strap forward to wear it facing rearward. All hard hats are shipped fully assembled.

                  Fiber-Metal, a North Safety Products brand

                  FULL-BRIM HAT

                  Fibre-Metal's SUPEREIGHT® E1 Full Brim hard hat is designed to offer greater protection against rain, falling debris, and the sun's UV rays. All hats are shipped fully assembled and feature a technically advanced, eight-point suspension that offers greater protection for demanding work environments.

                    ERB Industries Inc.

                    LIGHTWEIGHT HELMET

                    ERB Industries' new Liberty™ Mega Ratchet® safety helmet is designed to provide an economical alternative for head protection that is safe and durable. Molded from lightweight, high-density polyethylene, the hat features a short peak and trim profile, a functional rain trough, and accessory slots that can accommodate a wide variety of eye, face, and hearing products.