Chemical Storage Containers

Allegro Industries

Storage Line

Allegro Industries' storage unit line includes a large selection of storage and wall cabinets, such as the corrosion-resistant Dual SCBA Wall Case. Also available are defibrillator bags designed for transport and storage that feature a double zipper for easy access and a padded divider to adjust the size of cargo area.

    New Pig Corp.


    New Pig's PIGĀ® Drum Filling Shelf is designed to help transfer fluids easily and safely from storage drums by allowing the user to position fluid-dispensing containers in close proximity to drum pumps,reducing risks of spills and drips. Adjustable steel-strap brackets can accommodate several container sizes, weights, and configurations.

      HEMCO Corp.


      HEMCO's HAZMAX Hazardous Containment Work Area features baffles and bypass inlets that are designed for containment applications involving hazardous dispensing and sampling procedures, material storage, and equipment isolation. The work area is constructed of corrosion- and flame-retardant fiberglass with epoxy coating on all metal parts, seamless composite polyresin, coved corners, and a sloped bottom to facilitate draining and cleaning.

        Justrite Mfg. Co. LLC


        Justrite's Oily Waste Cans are designed to reduce the risk of fire caused by spontaneous combustion by providing safe disposal of solvent-soaked waste rags. The unique, raised flow-through base with air ports circulates air and disperses heat. A self-closing cover limits oxygen and isolates contents from fire sources, such as sparks or careless smoking.

          Gasco Affiliates LLC


          Gasco's new 116-liter, refillable, portable cylinder is engineered to deliver 100 percent more capacity than the standard 58-liter, disposable cylinders and reduce end users' costs. The lightweight cylinder fits into a standard carrying case and can hold both pure gases and mixes. Refillable cylinders can be returned to Gasco.