Winter Waking Accessory

Winter Walking Accessory

YakTrax introduces the Ice Traction Device for shoes. The device stretches over any footwear, from boots to jogging shoes, and stays in place. A grid of 360 degree steel coils gives the wearer traction on ice and snow with hundreds of edges gripping any slick, icy surface to provide stability. The devices are comfortable and users can walk normally as if they were walking on dry ground.

    Workrite Uniform Company

    Flame Resistant Workwear

    Flame Resistant Workwear

    Workrite Uniform Company, Inc. has released a new flame-resistant outwear line featuring 3M Thinsulate Platinum Insulation, ideal flame resistant protection for cold-weather conditions, as it provides extra warmth without extra garment weight. Thinsulate is 44% warmer compared to the standard flame-resistant workwear, with modacrylic quilting systems. The garments bring comfort, functionality and protection to the outerwear line.

      Allegro Industries

      Welding Helmet

      The Deluxe Supplied Air Shield and Welding Helmet (Blue) from Allegro is a performance proven and cost effective system used by foundries, aluminum plants, mines, chemical plants, refineries and more. The wielding shield flips up, allowing the user to grind and clean metal looking through a clear ANSI face shield. In addition, the wielding shield is designed with a variable shade and auto-darkening lens. The solution provides all-in-one protection from hexavalent chromium, flying debris, sparks, cutting and chemical or metal splashes. The solution can fit a one worker or two worker need.



        Wearable Wi-Fi Camera

        The VIEVU² from VIEVU is a wearable Wi-Fi video camera designed for prosumers and other professional workforce users. The rugged and compact device can be work on a belt, lapel, pocket or other places where a bulkier camera does not fit. VIEVU² is rated for waterproof operation (IPX5), and is encased in military-grade anodized aluminum housing for durability. VIEVU² also features a proven law enforcement “one switch” design for quick activation even while wearing gloves. The LED indicator displays the status of the camera and the square design allows for simple clip rotation for easy attachment to clothing.


          Ergodyne Kneeling Pad

          Kneeling Pad

          This new 385RF Reflective Kneeling Pad with Reflective Edge delivers the trusted comfort workers have come to expect from the ProFlex® from Ergodyne brand with the addition of reflectivity. The silver reflective edge increases visibility – both of the kneeling pad and the kneeling worker. The reflective edge also provides increased conspicuity of kneeling workers in low-light situations.

            Paramount Safety Products

            ParamountSafetyProducts_FlipNGrip Tool Belt

            Tool Belt System

            The Flip’N’Grip Tool Belt System from Paramount Safety Products is a unique and patented pouch attachment system. Easy, comfortable, flexible, and lightweight, the tool belt allows the user to wear only what is needed. It’s easy to remove pouches while still wearing the belt, thus reducing heavy loads tradesmen carry around all day. High-vis trim and retroreflective piping ensure the worker’s visibility.


              Mount Vernon FR

              AMTEX TC

              AMTEX TC

              AMTEX TC is Mount Vernon FR's flame resistant fabric collection of cotton/Tencel blends. AMTEX TC maximizes comfort and durability without sacrificing the protection demands of the FR industry. Fabrics feel lighter than they are, which enhances the comfort of the garment. Like cotton, Tencel is also a cellulosic fiber, but stronger. AMTEX TC offers all the comfort of cotton, but with added strength.


                National Safety Apparel

                National Safety Apparel

                NSA’s FR Control™ Tee has the ability to interact with your body to help balance temperature by absorbing, storing and releasing heat you produce and more importantly, maintaining a comfort zone for the wearer. FR Control™ base layer technology combines arc flash protection (Arc Rating/Ebt = 3.6 cal/cm²) with unrivaled comfort and moisture management.

                More information about the FR Control Tee.

                  DRIFIRE LLC

                  HI-VIS SHIRT

                  DRIFIRE's Comfort Mesh High-Viz Shirt features 8.75-ounce fabric that has an HRC 2 rating and wicks away moisture, keeping the user cool and dry while offering inherent flame-resistance protection. The machine-washable shirt meets ANSI Class 2 requirements and comes available in high-visibility orange and yellow with FR solid reflective tape.


                    THERMAL LINER

                    DuPont™'s new Nomex® On Demand™ thermal liner technology is designed to provide up to 20 percent more thermal insulation when it is needed most. When exposed to 250 degree F temperatures, its "smart" technology expands to increase thermal performance. In routine conditions, the material remains thin and pliable for better mobility.