Air/Gas Monitors

Industrial Scientific Corp.

Full-Color Monitor

Industrial Scientific's new 19-minute online training video gives a general overview of the features and operation of the MX6 iBrid™ multi-gas monitor--which comes with a full-color LCD display screen and can detect one to six gases, including oxygen, combustible gases, and up to four toxic gases.

    TSI Inc.


    TSI's new line of thermal anemometers and indoor air quality (IAQ) instruments have been redesigned to improve accuracy, speed, and ease of use for building service contractors, commissioning specialists, facility engineers, and research professionals.  The anemometers come with intuitive operation and a large display to view measurements.

      Industrial Scientific Corp.


      Industrial Scientific's new "bump" test feature for the GasBadge® line of personal and dockable single gas monitors allows customers to establish a testing frequency based on best practices, company policy, or local regulatory agencies. Once the user-prescribed period of time has elapsed, the instrument indicates that a test is overdue with visual and audible alarms.

        Crowcon Detection Instruments Ltd.


        Crowcon's new PGSi Programmable Monitoring System is designed to easily monitor toxic or flammable gases--such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and methane--from multiple locations. Capable of monitoring up to four gases at once from as many as 32 individual sampling points, the system is ideal for carbon monoxide monitoring applications in parking areas, tunnels, breweries, distilleries, and food processing plants.

          Crowcon Detection Instruments Ltd.


          Crowcon's new Chlorowarn System is designed to monitor chlorine gas levels and alert personnel whenever a problem is detected by setting off warning alarms and ventilation fans. A detector can be positioned inside a plant room while a Gasmaster Control Panel is located in an environment that is safely away from exposure.

            ICx Technologies

            GAS SENSOR

            ICx Photonics' SensorChip-COsub>2-4P gas sensor module integrates advanced infrared sensor technology within a 4P housing and contains all of the electronics and optics required to accurately measure CO2 in a variety of industrial applications. The device's patented spectral tuning capability allows for wavelength specificity for IR emission and absorption, making the sensor highly gas specific and power efficient.

              Honeywell Analytics


              Honeywell's Lumidor IMPACT PRO premium portable gas detector is engineered to provide users with a low ownership cost and ease of use. The detector contains a unique cartridge design with built-in, user-replaceable sensors and monitors up to four gases simultaneously, including oxygen, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, and other toxic/flammable gases.