Introducing Nomex® Comfort, the latest innovative FR PPE fabric offered exclusively by DuPont.


Introducing Nomex® Comfort, the latest innovative FR PPE fabric offered exclusively by DuPont.

For over 50 years, garments made with Nomex® fibers have been advancing the performance of protective FR PPE. That tradition continues with Nomex® Comfort, an exciting new fabric innovation that directly addresses the wearers’ needs for proven FR protection in a more comfortable, breathable fabric from a brand they know and trust – Nomex®.

Dupont Nomex Comfort


When it comes to serious hazards in the oil & gas, petrochemical, and general manufacturing industries, don’t take a chance on your protection.     

The right FR PPE could be the difference between life and death in a workplace fire. The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) develops and publishes codes and standards for FR PPE intended to prevent injury and death due to fire, electrical, and other related hazards.

While this new material is the lightest weight Flame-Resistant Personal Protective Equipment (FR PPE) fabric to meet NFPA 2112 and NFPA 70E standards, Nomex® Comfort provides enhanced inherent heat and flame protection.

Nomex Comfort

Nomex® Comfort fabric also provides better protection at longer exposures and higher temperatures. Because a matter of seconds can mean all the difference, Nomex® Comfort can help provide valuable escape time.


The proprietary, fiber technology of Nomex® Comfort is lightweight, highly breathable, and quick drying, resulting in the most comfortable FR PPE yet.  

Nomex® Comfort fabric is engineered to absorb and hold significantly less moisture than fabrics made with cellulosic fibers such as cotton and viscose. Additionally, Nomex® Comfort fibers provide excellent moisture wicking for maximum comfort.  

The lightweight Nomex® Comfort fabric offers garments a lighter feel providing wearers with increased mobility and comfort on the job. And because Nomex® Comfort fabric is highly breathable, users feel cooler for longer helping to reduce risk of heat stress.


Nomex® Comfort fabric is available exclusively from DuPont in a variety of colors, giving you more options for a long-lasting, professional-looking FR PPE. Whether you’re looking for FR PPE that matches company colors, or if you want color coded protection for specific industry hazards, Nomex® Comfort has you covered.

Nomex® Comfort fabric also can accommodate additions including company branding, reflector tape, and high-visibility features that may be required as part of your company’s safety plan.

Dupont Color Option


In addition to maintaining a professional look for longer, the inherent heat and flame protection cannot be washed or worn away. Nomex® Comfort is also resistant to tears and abrasions, and won’t fray while being laundered. As a result, Nomex® Comfort lasts 3X longer than other PPE fabrics – for protection you can count on - day in and day out.


Nomex® Comfort fabric will be exclusively offered by Bulwark in its iQ Series® Mobility line. To learn more about Nomex® Comfort, please visit

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