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  • Indoor Air Quality and Human Performance Improvement Synergy

    This free webinar will discuss three unique indoor air quality (IAQ) case study profiles are described. Using storytelling, the speakers emphasize the often overlooked emotional and human performance improvement (HPI) aspects of an effective IAQ investigation.

  • Respiratory Protection: New Challenges for Program Administrators in 2023

    In this free webinar, Dr. Terpin will discuss how industry best practices is vital for companies and first responders. New job safety analysis must be performed to reevaluate our workplaces and if necessary, initiate new baseline respiratory protection and PPE requirements. These new challenges can affect day-to-day operations and can be challenging to your business continuity plan. Are you ready for these challenges?

  • Respiratory Hazards in the Construction Industry Presented by 3M

    This free webinar will highlight the key components that should be included in a respiratory protection program, and will discuss: The commonly encountered respiratory hazards in the construction industry: Silica, Wood dust, Mold and Weld fume, How to identify each hazard, The potential for workplace exposure, The physical state of the airborne contaminants, The potential long-term health effects of respiratory hazards, The options for source control and for respiratory protection