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  • Three Dangerous Misconceptions Surrounding OSHA's Silica Dust Standard for General Industry

    On June 23, most provisions of OSHA's silica standard for general industry became enforceable. Many employers still have a long way to go to achieve full compliance.

  • OSHA Offers New Resources on Respirable Silica Standard

    The FAQs were developed by OSHA, along with industry and labor organizations. They provide guidance on the crystalline silica standard requirements for employers and workers in construction.

  • OSHA in Milwaukee Construction Project Partnership

    The partners will develop safety and health training programs and procedures; identify and address common construction hazards, such as falls, electrical, silica, noise, and carbon monoxide exposure; and encourage workers to participate in employers' safety and health programs.

  • OSHA Cites Oregon Shipbuilder

    OSHA has issued $370,358 in proposed penalties to Vigor Marine Inc. and cited the company for 16 willful and serious violations following an inspection at the shipbuilder's Portland, Ore., facility.

  • NIOSH Seeks Comments on Updated NORA for Oil & Gas Extraction

    One objective listed in it concerns motor vehicle crashes, which accounted for 44 percent of all fatal injuries in the industry during 2016, according to BLS. Actions under this objective include identifying and promoting strategies to increase seat belt use, strategies to improve driver performance, and strategies to reduce driver fatigue and driver distraction.

  • Scientists Analyzing Smoke of Western Wildfires

    The project brings together scientists from five universities and the NSF-funded National Center for Atmospheric Research. "This is a challenging field campaign," said atmospheric scientist Emily Fischer of Colorado State University. "It's not like measuring the plume from, say, a power plant."


  • Dräger X-plore® 8000

  • CF7000 Series Abrasive Blast Respirator



  • Chicago Fire Department MSA G1 SCBA In-Service Day: December 14, 2017

    MSA Safety deployed 1,100 state-of-the-art G1 SCBA to the Chicago Fire Department (CFD). The deployment represents the completion of a one-year, multi-phase delivery and training process.

  • MSA Safety Training Center

    MSA customers experienced a whole new safety training experience in 2016.

  • Spirometer Compliance With ATS Standards

    OSHA and MSHA, while regulate the occupational health testing procedures in the United States, use the ATS/ETS standards. Spirometers need to have real-time displays that meet minimum specifications for size and resolution, as well as scale for hard-copy output. This 2016 video reviews the specifications and illustrates how the Benson Medical CCS-200 Plus Spirometer meets them.