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  • Committee Retires Four 2017 Hurricane Names

    The World Meteorological Organization maintains rotating lists of names that are appropriate for each tropical cyclone basin. In the Atlantic and Eastern North Pacific, male and female names alternate alphabetically, and the lists are used every six years. But if a hurricane is particularly deadly or costly, its name is retired and is replaced by a different name.

  • UK Company Fined $1.2 Million After Worker Fell from Ladder

    A window installer working for Safestyle UK was attempting to install a first-floor rear bedroom window when the ladder he was on slipped. The ladder was not footed or tied and the worker fell from a height of more than 3 meters. The employee sustained a broken kneecap that required surgery.

  • European Commission Setting New PELs for Five Carcinogens

    According to the commission, the new limits would improve working conditions for more than 1 million EU workers and prevent more than 22,000 cases of work-related illness, including cancers.

  • UK Company Fined for Vibration Exposures

    "No one's health should be made worse by the work they do. In this case, if Tai Calon had understood why health surveillance was necessary, it would have ensured that it had the right systems in place to monitor its workers' health," said HSE Inspector Paul Newton.

  • Enhanced Time Based Separation Implemented at Heathrow

    NATS announced that, working with Leidos and Heathrow Airport, it has launched the world's first fully systemized Optimized Runway Delivery tool. It will improve punctuality at the UK's busiest airport.

  • Review Finds Fire Service Delayed Two Hours Responding to Manchester Bombing

    "The Fire Service was effectively 'outside the loop,' having no presence at the rendezvous point established by the Police, little awareness of what was happening at the Arena, and only a very limited and belated presence at Strategic Gold Command," the report on preparedness and emergency response after the May 2017 Manchester Arena suicide bombing says.


  • Honeywell Industrial Cyber Security Center of Excellence, Middle East

    The center of excellence shown in this 2018 video is located in Dubai and is a demonstration of Honeywell’s commitment to addressing the industrial cyber security needs of customers in the Middle East region. The state-of-the-art facility will strengthen regional industrial cyber security preparedness by providing a safe environment to test process control network vulnerabilities and training customers through real-time attack simulations.

  • Lake Turkana - The Wind Solution

    This 2017 Vestas video is an update on its Kenyan Lake Turkana project, a "very challenging" high-wind and remote site where more than 300 wind turbines are being installed.

  • In the Making: Lufthansa's First A350 XWB

    This December 2016 video follows Airbus' initial Lufthansa A350 XWB as workers advanced it through the manufacturing process from delivery of components to the final assembly line in Toulouse, France, concluding with the milestone jetliner in flight.