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  • ISO Panel Updates Sea Anchors Standard

    Robin Townsend, chair of the ISO technical subcommittee that developed the 17339:2018 standard, said it "is designed to provide manufacturers with what is required to ensure the anchors not only work effectively, but withstand the conditions in which they are stored. It also features test methods such as for strength, towing, and corrosion."

  • School Fires Up Sharply in London

    The London Fire Brigade reports they increased by 34 percent in 2017 alone.

  • Boeing Sees 'Unprecedented' 20-Year Demand for New Pilots

    Both Boeing and Airbus forecast very strong demand for commercial airline pilots during the next two decades. The aviation industry faces a pilot labor supply challenge, says Keith Cooper, vice president of Training & Professional Services for Boeing Global Services.

  • HSE to Prosecute Two Companies for Refinery Explosion

    An explosion and fire the Pembroke Refinery on June 2, 2011, killed four workers and serious injured another worker.

  • Agriculture Deaths Increasing in Great Britain

    A total of 33 deaths occurred in agriculture during 2017/18, four more than the year before. The leading cause was being injured by an animal -- mainly working with and near cattle.

  • Health Canada Proposes Fees to Recover Costs of Regulating Cannabis

    The agency proposes to scale fees according to the size of the business and to provide for lower fees for the newly proposed micro-scale license holders, with some types of license—those for research, analytical testing, and hemp production—being exempt from fees.


  • Honeywell Industrial Cyber Security Center of Excellence, Middle East

    The center of excellence shown in this 2018 video is located in Dubai and is a demonstration of Honeywell’s commitment to addressing the industrial cyber security needs of customers in the Middle East region. The state-of-the-art facility will strengthen regional industrial cyber security preparedness by providing a safe environment to test process control network vulnerabilities and training customers through real-time attack simulations.

  • Lake Turkana - The Wind Solution

    This 2017 Vestas video is an update on its Kenyan Lake Turkana project, a "very challenging" high-wind and remote site where more than 300 wind turbines are being installed.

  • In the Making: Lufthansa's First A350 XWB

    This December 2016 video follows Airbus' initial Lufthansa A350 XWB as workers advanced it through the manufacturing process from delivery of components to the final assembly line in Toulouse, France, concluding with the milestone jetliner in flight.