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  • Safety Applies to Traveling Too: How Small Business Travelers Can Stay Healthy

    NIOSH recently released a resource guide that helps employers and managers ensure the safety of their employees before, during, and after their work travel trips.

  • Nuclear Safety Standards Amped Up

    Ensuring safe and controlled use of nuclear technologies in various, global settings is the robust job of the IAEA. This year, the IAEA is changing its safety publications to make nuclear technology standards even more regulated.

  • Health Canada Issues New Reporting Requirements for Hospitals

    Hospitals will be required to report serious adverse drug reactions and medical device incidents to Health Canada within 30 days after the incidents are documented within the institutions.

  • ISO Publishes First International Standard for Passenger Lifts

    Dr. Gero Gschwendtner, chair of the ISO technical committee that developed the standards. said the harmonization of the existing standards removes the barrier to international trade and ensures the same safety level for stakeholders all over the world.

  • WorkSafeBC Strengthens PFD Regulations for Fishing Vessels

    "Commercial fishing is one of the most dangerous occupations in British Columbia, and drowning is the leading cause of death among B.C. fishermen," said Patrick Olsen, manager of Prevention Field Services for WorkSafeBC. Between 2007 and 2018, there were 24 work-related deaths in the commercial fishing industry, and 15 of those were drownings, the agency reported.

  • WHO Launches Antimicrobial Resistance Campaign

    "Antimicrobial resistance is an invisible pandemic," said Dr. Mariângela Simão, WHO's assistant-director general for Access to Medicines. "We are already starting to see signs of a post-antibiotic era, with the emergence of infections that are untreatable by all classes of antibiotics. We must safeguard these precious last-line antibiotics to ensure we can still treat and prevent serious infections."


  • Honeywell Industrial Cyber Security Center of Excellence, Middle East

    The center of excellence shown in this 2018 video is located in Dubai and is a demonstration of Honeywell’s commitment to addressing the industrial cyber security needs of customers in the Middle East region. The state-of-the-art facility will strengthen regional industrial cyber security preparedness by providing a safe environment to test process control network vulnerabilities and training customers through real-time attack simulations.

  • Lake Turkana - The Wind Solution

    This 2017 Vestas video is an update on its Kenyan Lake Turkana project, a "very challenging" high-wind and remote site where more than 300 wind turbines are being installed.

  • In the Making: Lufthansa's First A350 XWB

    This December 2016 video follows Airbus' initial Lufthansa A350 XWB as workers advanced it through the manufacturing process from delivery of components to the final assembly line in Toulouse, France, concluding with the milestone jetliner in flight.

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