International Safety

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  • Cape Town's Day Zero Moved Back to July 9

    The city's executive deputy mayor writes that "defeating Day Zero is in sight if we sustain our water-saving efforts."

  • UK Environment Agency Warns Intense Flooding Becoming More Common

    The Environment Agency also has launched its Flood Action Campaign, which targets younger people through social media and online advertising to encourage them to check their flood risk, sign up for free warnings, and be prepared to take action when flooding hits.

  • Higher Fines Working in Britain, IOSH Reports

    "There is no doubt that the sharp increase in fines over the past two years is the subject of regular discussion in boardrooms up and down the country," two lawyers report on the second anniversary of the new sentencing guildline.

  • IAEA Publishes Guide on Leadership and Communication in Nuclear Emergencies

    The guide is intended for operators, regulators, and those working in emergency preparedness and response.

  • Canada Overhauling Project Review Scheme

    There will be less red tape and less duplication for project proposers to navigate, according to the officials, who said the government will expand the types of impacts studied to understand how a proposed project could affect not just the environment, but also its long-term health, social, and economic impacts, as well as impacts on indigenous peoples.

  • IAEA, EU Agree to Boost Training Collaboration

    "Nuclear safety and security remain our key priorities, both in Europe and globally," added Gerassimos Thomas, deputy director general in the Directorate-General for Energy of the European Commission. "In 2018, the EU will conduct its first-ever topical peer review on aging management of nuclear power plants under the amended Nuclear Safety Directive."


  • Lake Turkana - The Wind Solution

    This 2017 Vestas video is an update on its Kenyan Lake Turkana project, a "very challenging" high-wind and remote site where more than 300 wind turbines are being installed.

  • In the Making: Lufthansa's First A350 XWB

    This December 2016 video follows Airbus' initial Lufthansa A350 XWB as workers advanced it through the manufacturing process from delivery of components to the final assembly line in Toulouse, France, concluding with the milestone jetliner in flight.

  • Work Health: Influencing the Supply Chain Through Partnerships

    This 2015 Safe Work Australia video describes the practical application and business benefits of work health and well-being strategies in an industry case study, focusing on Regson Fabrication, a small construction/manufacturing business.