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  • Florida Nursing Home to Be Terminated as Medicaid Provider

    Florida Gov. Rick Scott on Sept. 14 reported that of Florida's total 309 hospitals, all operational facilities have power or are running on generator power. Ten Florida hospitals were closed and are continuing to coordinate with the state on reopening, he said.

  • Comments Due by Oct. 27 on Canada's Proposed Vaping Regulations

    Information that vaping device manufacturers would have to submit would include engineering drawings for devices, the contents of vaping liquids, information on R&D activities, and quarterly sales data. The proposal would require a displayed warning for products that contain nicotine.

  • IBM to Invest $240 Million in MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab

    In health care, the collaboration will explore the use of AI in areas such as the security and privacy of medical data, personalization of health care, image analysis, and the optimal treatment paths for specific patients.

  • NIOSH Posts Fact Sheet on Preventing EMS Workers' Injuries

    More than 22,500 EMS workers visited emergency departments each year for work-related injuries, it says, with sprains and strains accounting for the most frequently cited injuries. Most were injured while responding to a 911 call.

  • 2017 Baldrige Award Site Visits Decided

    Site visits will be conducted in late September 2017 and the awards presented in April 2018. Getting site visits will be seven health care organizations, three in education, two nonprofits, and two small businesses.

  • CDC Launches Sepsis Campaign

    "Detecting sepsis early and starting immediate treatment is often the difference between life and death. It starts with preventing the infections that lead to sepsis," said CDC Director Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald, M.D. "We created Get Ahead of Sepsis to give people the resources they need to help stop this medical emergency in its tracks."




  • DoD News In Focus – Combating Malaria

    Inside the Washington, D.C., beltway, scientists and researchers at the Naval Medical Research Center work diligently to combat malaria for the American war fighter and the global population, as shown in this 2017 U.S. Department of Defense video.

  • WHO: BreatheLife – The Walk Home

    Nine in ten people breathe air that is not safe. Air pollution is an invisible killer that we may face on a simple walk home or even in our homes. In this 2017 video, the World Health Organization says, Help breathe life back into our cities and take action to protect our health and climate at

  • WHO: Zika Virus Questions and Answers

    What is Zika virus? What are the symptoms? Should I avoid traveling? How can I protect myself and my family from Zika virus? This 2016 WHO video features Erika Garcia, a Pandemic & Epidemic Diseases epidemiologist with WHO, answering questions about the Zika virus.

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